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Mimosa hostilis root bark POWDERED (50g.)
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The Mimosa hostilis root bark (Mimosa Tenuiflora) comes from a tree locally known as Jurema, Jurema Preta, Black Jurema or Vinho de Jurema and is the most desired part of the plant known by the local Shaman for its entheogenic properties.

Mimosa hostilis root bark, Superior quality brazil rootbark POWDERED

Family: Leguminosae or Mimosaceae
Genus: Mimosa
Species: hostilis, tenuiflora; verrucosa
Common names: Jurema Preta (hostilis, tenuiflora), Jurema Branca,
Mimosa, Caatinga, white jurema, black jurema.

Another completely unrelated use for this plant comes from Mexico, where the bark of the tree is known under the name Tepezcohuite.

Plant chemical compounds which can be found in Mimosa root bark are: tannins, saponins, tryptamines, alkaloids, lipids, phytoindoles, xylose, phytosterols, glucosides, rhamnose, arabinose, methoxychalcones, lupeol and kukulkanins.

The Herb here is strictly offered as botanical specimen.
Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before your order.


Thank You! - UniversePoet - 07.11.2014
Thank you so much for just being so awesome. You have allowed many people to change their lives and understand the real meaning of life. I will be ordering more!
I'll be shopping here more often - abmark88 - 07.06.2014
Excellent customer support and very reliable. Received 50g to Canada within 2 weeks. The product was in good quality (Don't know much about MHRB Quality but it definitely yielded something) Thank you so much avalon for existing
looks great - sergenherors - 06.30.2014
its almost too good to be true, definitely will be using you guys again
works just as well as any - Anonymous - 06.23.2014
works just as well as any other mhrb should
Beautiful... - - 06.19.2014
I've connected with the one consciousness, and this is hands down the best dmt experience i've had. And the guys at Avalon are AWESOME with customer service! Peace from the red white and blue.
Mimosa - - 05.19.2014
Best product i've ever found.. hands down! A++
Great Mimosa - mandingo - 05.14.2014
Just received my package yesterday of 250 grams. It was very well packed product look very good and excellent shipping you can believe I will be ordering more in the near future thanks Avalon you are the best among the rest.
Order Received - timboidaho - 05.07.2014
My order was received promptly and the packaging was done perfectly. Many thanks to you all.
Same O' amazing MHRB - bkayabonline - 05.06.2014
Ordered 250 grams of powdered bark, amazing dye and amazing quality as always :)! If I could I would probably give a rating of 10/5 Thank you avalon, this is by far the best product you have in my opinion
Amazing!! - DimeTryp - 04.23.2014
This stuff is gorgeous. Nearly white on first pull :) watched a woman have a real vision. Absolutely epic.
Very nice - timmiboy11 - 04.16.2014
Thank you Avalon for this great rootbark! Bought about 100gr and extracted 850mg of it. Also very good shipping and service. Very nice!
Perfect! - Tim K. - 04.16.2014
Hallo Avalon! Ik heb enkele maanden geleden wat Mimosa Hostillis Rootbark besteld, en ben erg tevreden. Bedankt hiervoor, jullie verdienen al mijn complimenten! Perfecte service en levering, goede prijs-kwaliteit en goede producten. Zo dat wou ik even melden! Jullie zijn bedankt, en kunnen mij wel meer als klant te zien krijgen. M.v.g. Tim
Service client efficace, - Lorkhan - 04.13.2014
Service client efficace, livraison rapide et très discrète, produit de qualité. Bravo !
Powdered rootbark - dvextreme - 04.11.2014
It's not the first time I order but this time it's better. Very good service
mimosa hostilis - pimmo1 - 04.01.2014
Heb nu al verschillende keren besteld bij avalon, kan niet anders zeggen dan; super kwaliteit producten, geweldige service&snelle leveringen! Geweldig, thnx en ga zo door!
Great Stuff - plynch247 - 03.24.2014
Saw a guy go down like a cheap hooker after I extracted a batch, Seriously quality stuff, I'm going back for more :D
Very satisfied! - d3luxe79 - 03.24.2014
High quality and yield. Recommended!
hostilis - Shredamanism - 03.21.2014
great product, smells fantastic.
Best - Anonymous - 03.18.2014
First of all the customer service is great - any questions i had were answered very fast and the people at Avalon Magic Plants are very friendly. Now to the product: I sent my cash, they received it in 3 days, then i received my powder in a further 5 (including the weekend which i assume delivery services don't work on). The quality of the product is just great 5*. I will always use this website for any magic plants i need.
MHRB - misternatural1960 - 03.10.2014
I am thoroughly impressed with the people at AMP. I recently purchased a kilo of powdered bark with cash and could not be more pleased. The customer service is top-notch as is the product. I will be using AMP from now on.
Best transaction I could have hoped for - T-Slice - 03.03.2014
They received my money within a week, and I received the product within another week. Only sat one day in customs. Shipment was very discreet - love it. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
AWESOME PRODUCT - yamma1 - 02.21.2014
This is the best Mimosa I have ever purchased. Yield is fantastic. And it only took 2 days to reach me in UK. What a great service. This will in future be my ONLY source for this product. Keep up the great work guys. its truly appreciated.
Excelent - Stefanescualiasmihai - 02.21.2014
Verry fast shipping within Europe ( 6 days ), great shipping tehnique,great payment method via paysafe card........and........ an excelent final Color :-). Great partners.
AMAZING - dsnowboarder420 - 12.23.2013
I placed an order for 100g and sent them cash. after about a month and it had still not come I emailed them and thy responded saying thy never got the money. which I sent it in a smaller envelope so I'm not surprised that it got lost. thy also said thy would send me 50g anyway so that I didn't have a complete loss. when I finally got it to my surprise thy sent me the whole 100g. everything after that was even better ;D thanks again
5 STAR SERVICE !!!!! - Anonymous - 12.23.2013
I live in the east coast USA and I received my order in a WEEK!! I was prepared to wait 2 to 3 weeks but it was amazingly fast. Shipping in a very discreet box, product in airtight bag. I purchased the powdered bark and had great results. Recommend to anyone who has any doubts, order with confidence.
AMAZING - dsnowboarder420 - 11.14.2013
I placed an order for 100g and sent them cash. after about a month and it had still not come I emailed them and thy responded saying thy never got the money. which I sent it in a smaller envelope so I'm not surprised that it got lost. thy also said thy would send me 50g anyway so that I didn't have a complete loss. when I finally got it to my surprise thy sent me the whole 100g. everything after that was even better ;D thanks again
The magic of mimosa! - Anonymous - 09.29.2013
Well, what can I say? The mimosa arrived beautifully packaged in very good time, and I am living on the other side of this crazy planet so that was the first surprise! After going through a simple ATB tek I was blessed with a 2% yield and, after having voyaged now several times, I have to say that avalon have supplied me with a delicious product that is worthy of your attention! Am currently placing an order for a further 1kg at the moment. Truly, cannot recommend it enough... Very happy with the service, the staff were quick to answer queries, and will definitely be continuing to use this website!
best way to smoke DMT - Anonymous - 04.10.2013
get a titanium 3/4inch 60wire screen in a waterbong by far the most efficient way
American Buyer - Giftofdeprivation - 03.25.2013
Simply flawless. Their delivery methods have improved since the last time. Thank you Avalon! Breezed right through customs! Great prices an yield too, as always.
mimosa my love - soundracer - 03.02.2013
well, i dont realy know where to start. i used to order mimosa years ago and made cold phosphoric soaks. for some reasons i had a long break of 5 years without dreaming. few months ago i decided that im coming back. i found avalon shop online and it looked very good so i said "lets try it". i ordered a small amount of mimosa for checking the quality. it was awesome! top product. i was so happy with this fact and i keep ordering their amazing stuff. always super fine, wrapped tightly and a great buying experience. TNK U AVALON!
the spirit molecule - Anonymous - 02.03.2013
This was done by extracting the alkaloid from the mimosa, google "the spirit molecule" and you will see and understand
Tell me more! - Anonymous - 01.15.2013
This is experience was created from which product? Ayahuasca alone? I am a newbie at entheogens in general but have experienced the "wonders of the universe" on a few occasions... so you vaporized this? help! I want to know more :) Thanks a bunch -Namaste!
Trip report - Anonymous - 01.01.2013
I spend the last few days planning for a life changing experience with the spirit molecule. Finally on one Thursday morning, i decide to dive in and see what it has to offer, and it sure did have a lot to offer. I eyeballed approximately 30 mg for my first time, and packed it into my homemade machine. I made the "Machine" because i heard that is the most efficient way of vaporizing the molecule. I must say that this is absolutely the truth. While sitting in my room (all alone), on my bed, i spark up and watch my contraption come to life with no difficulties.The sight of the "machine" filling up was almost overwhelming.I tell myself "this is it, this is what you have been waiting for, an incredible experience about the nature of the world" (I have always been amazed with the idea of perspective, and how humans perceive things in different ways, and how reality is in fact, a part of your perception and nothing more), and inhale everything in the machine. I feel very, calm, relaxed, and almost sedated. I take another toke, this time it seems clogged, but i manage to pull a little vapor out. I go in for a third pull, i breath in, and remove it from my face. This time, there was so much vapor, that i couldn't breathe it all in, and as i exhaled i saw my machine entirely full of smoke! "Round 4", i breathe in the last of my vapor, lay down the pipe, and stare at my wall. The wall is very white (as it always is), but this time, it is rippling, as if it is covered in water. I lay my head down and close my eyes. The patterns are very wavy, and a darkness takes over. I feel my body being pulled away from "reality".Out of the darkness comes a very strange face, almost statue like, but somehow i could tell it was that of a woman. While the woman's face was speaking to me, She was not actually saying anything. It was almost like telepathy. As she is speaking my body starts moving as if it is riding waves. My hands feel like they are going up and down, up and down. I'm all alone, experiencing the universe, the deepest depths of my imagination (as i said before I believe that everything is all about perspective and how you perceive your experiences). She disappears and i am left with very minor visual patterns. It all seems to go away so quickly. I open my eyes, rise up. And back on earth I am. I plan on doing this again, but doubling the dosage, as I would very much like to break through and have a conversation with that Woman ;).


(April 30 - 2014)

For a long time I had been interested in having a DMT experience. I had never done hallucinogens before and so I know jumping right into DMT may not have been the smartest move, but I wasn't interested in seeing colors and shapes I wanted to be taken somewhere, I wanted a vision quest. Me and my roommate did a couple extractions of the MHRB and were left with some varying purities of DMT. At first we experimented with the best ways to smoke it, layering about 30mg between two layers of marijuana and lighting it seemed to work best but we knew we were burning away part of it. We tried making a tube chamber to try and vaporize the DMT as well as using an oil burner but ultimately the weed sandwich method worked the best.

My first experience was good, we had the lights off, Pink Floyd playing, and windows media player visualizer on a 62'' TV. I was told to simply hit the pipe until I forgot I was holding it and so that is exactly what I did. Eventually my head felt so heavy I had trouble holding it up and my arms felt detached from my body so I put the pipe down and closed my eyes and listened. I was expecting much more, but what I got was very pleasant. I felt as if I were running through an oil painting that was being painted by the music, the closed eye visuals were fairly mellow and relaxing and I kept envisioning running through a forest. The oil painting visuals were definitely most vivid during Beethoven's 5th which is also when the trip ended and I came back.

The next trip was too mostly Clutch and some other heavier music, I wanted to see what the difference would be with metal as opposed to soft rock and classical. I have a long thin coffee table made of oak and stained a dark almost red color, the visuals from the TV were amber in color and the grain of the wood started to move and dance like flames. I kept hearing the music being warped as well with certain parts of songs I am very familiar with just repeating themselves and going off on tangents and solo's that I know aren't actually in the song, most specifically any song off of Clutch's blast tyrant album. After a while I saw the coffee table as a box full of fire, it wasn't hot and I knew that despite not being able to move and touch it, but I kept feeling as if there were some gravitational pull sucking me towards the box. The box seemed to be full of souls and I felt as if the box were a gate to hell that had appeared in my room but instead of being afraid I felt like Dante, as if I were being shown the gate not as a threat but simply just to be shown it. I couldn't pull my eyes off the dancing flames and what I thought to be souls until the pulling feeling subsided and they slowly turned back into wood grains.

After all my experiences smoking DMT I felt as if I still hadn't achieved what I was looking for, a full break through. After a little more research I decided to try and make a Pharmahuasca. We made harmalas from Syrian rue seeds and mixed DMT with coca-cola. We made 3 shot glasses of 50mg each and drank two of them. After a half an hour we didn't really feel anything so we drank the other one, and immediately began getting that familiar body high. I knew right away that the first two had just started hitting us and that drinking the third may not have been the best idea but it was too late and so I braced for impact. On the TV we had Buckethead on and visuals, no lyrics just rhythmic guitar from a 7 foot tall android in a kabuki mask and KFC bucket. After about an hour I realized that we had been staring at the TV, rolling around, completely lost in the music, I can't remember anything other than just totally zoning out to the music. We decided to try and get up and do something so we went into my basement and began phase 2 of our journey.

My basement is an all wood floor much the same color as my coffee table and I have a rather large aquarium. My other roommates were playing pool and listening to random soundtrack songs like eye of the tiger. I was having trouble controlling my motor skills but I eventually made it to the basement where I was immediately lost in the grain of the wood. When I made it to the fish tank I couldn't do anything but stare at my fish swimming around, I knew I hadn't broken through yet, I wasn't in the fish tank, I wasn't a fish, but I had such euphoria I just didn't care. We hung out in the basement for a little while until I decided to make my way back upstairs and sit on the couch. The trip seemed to come in waves, and I had this feeling like it was the calm before the storm. Our spotter decided to put on some ludicrous Batman movie where Batman is like 70 years old and Ronald Reagan is president and Batman launches a nuke to fight Superman after he kills the joker by stabbing him in the eye with a batterang and then snapping his neck....yeah...fucked up I know. The animation was trippy enough without drugs, on DMT I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on and began laughing hysterically for close to an hour, borderline terrified of this geriatric Batman and strange female robin. I couldn't stop rolling around on the floor and putting my finger in my mouth feeling my teeth for god knows what reason. When the movie had ended I got up and made my way to my bedroom, my hallway, which is about 30 ft long, began stretching in front of me just continuing on forever, when I finally made it to the end and went into my bedroom I thought I had walked onto the deck of a spaceship. There were blinking blue lights from my computer but they were everywhere and moving around the room. I took out my phone and tried to send a text to my friend in the other room who was tripping out on the couch but all of the letters were in some Arabic looking alien language and were popping off of the screen of my phone like a 3D hologram. I must have stared at my phone for close to half an hour, completely lost in this alien language. My background also happens to be a moving background of stars that move past you as if your flying through space, totally by coincidence, but it was just the coolest thing to stare at, I had totally forgotten I was looking at a phone and thought i was shooting through space trying to decode some alien message on some space age transmitter.

Eventually I put my phone down and went back out to sit on the couch. I sat on the couch feeling sick to my stomach, I was feeling very gaseous and couldn't stop burping, at some point I got it in my head that I was filling with gasses and that I my stomach was going to explode and I told my spotter who told me I was fine and that I knew what was happening and to get a hold of myself, unfortunately I couldn't and I was beginning to panic. I just wanted the trip to end, probably because at this point it was around 3 am (we had taken the DMT around 10 pm which was a bad idea in hindsight) and I wanted to go to bed but whenever I closed my eyes I found myself hurtling through space towards oblivion. When I opened my eyes I was cold and felt sick. I stood up off the couch and said to my spotter that I was afraid something bad was going to happen, he reassured me I was fine but I was at the panic point (probably from never having really tripped hard before) and I said no I'm really not. I sat down and thought I was going to die, and then strangely enough...I just kind of accepted it and closed my eyes. I felt myself being split down into dust, the tiniest little particles, and just shot out through space, becoming one with everything. The feeling was almost indescribable, it felt as if this is what I had been looking for, like something somewhere said "this is what you wanted, you wanted to see the end, here it is" that near death experience that I guess just couldn't happen without an actual fear of death. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, no heaven or hell, just a feeling of complete oneness as everything I was was broken down and scattered about to be made into something else.

Then I snapped back, it was like someone took me all the way to the door and said here it is and I chickened out at the last second, I knew it was what I wanted to see but I guess I wasn't ready, I opened my eyes and got up and ran outside and dry heaved once. One good dry heave and it felt as if everything negative had just been purged from my body. I sat on my stoop under my front light and watched the stars, the light looked like it was shining on me from way up in the sky and then other lights started to come down around me and move about like some alien space ship was putting on a rock concert for me. Now that it was around 3 and the stomach pains were gone I finally went inside and got in bed and passed out.

I felt centered and good for quite a while afterwards and haven't done any DMT since, however it's only a matter of time.

(April 18 - 2014)
DMT, back in a child’s dream

Hi there,

This report would actually only be about my DMT-trip just now, but eventually I started with the beginning of all my DMT experiences, because a little introduction is good for you to understand the report. There is a chance that you will not understand everything I say here, but that’s no problem, neither do I.

I started to get interested in DMT very early, I read a lot about it, watched some documentaries… I really wanted to smoke DMT one day, but back then, it looked very unreal. There was no DMT here, my friends didn’t even know about it.

So, a few years later I read something about the extraction of nn-DMT from the Mimosa Hostillis root bark. This was the perfect way to get my DMT.

After searching for a good, reliable source, I found Avalon Magic Plants.

My first introductions with DMT went fairly quiet. I had a pretty nice amount extracted from the mimosa hostillis I bought from Avalon Magic Plants, and when I was finished, I tested the first batch with a small dose. I just added a few of the beautiful crystals in the pipe, and smoked it.
I was impressed of the relative “big” effects I had from such a small dose. I saw some light visuals, and my body felt a little bit different than normal.
At this time I started to get very interested in DMT.
Which border can I get to with DMT?

After that time, I started to build up the dose slowly, eyeballing, because I hadn’t a scale back then. My love for DMT was born, I really loved everything about it, even the taste and smell, because it reminds me to the feeling of DMT. This, and also the fact that I had enough DMT, made sure I smoked too much DMT for a while. Smoking too frequent DMT isn’t something I could recommend, because the experience becomes less special.

This frequent DMT use suddenly stopped after the day I had this genius plan to smoke a big hit with some friends. We still hadn’t a scale, so we couldn’t know how much we were smoking. Not a good thing, I can tell you. We all smoked a pretty big dose, which caused that everybody was spacing out really hard. It felt like some existential crisis I had during a mushroom trip, but more intense. It’s hard to explain, but I’m going to try.

It means that every common thing (like friendship, relations...) looks so far away. So far that I couldn’t understand anything of it. At this moment, I don’t understand a single thing of the universe, but on the other hand, I understand everything, this thoughts make me think more serious about life. It’s very frightening, but especially very interesting. You still don’t know the answer to all the questions of life, but this crisis gives you the feeling that you know already something more than before. Maybe you recognize this feeling.

Well, this First very intense experience with DMT made that I treated the DMT more carefully, and that took more time between 2 trips, a good choice.

What I haven’t told you yet is that during the trip, my eyes where always open. That was the reason I never had a breakthrough, it kept me too close to reality I think. Opening or closing your eyes during the experience causes a huge difference. While opening, I think a lot, I try to control the trip and sometimes it’s a little bit frightening. But when I close my eyes, I can space completely away, doesn’t matter how intense the trip is, it kind of feels like a dream then.

My first breakthrough was also the first time I closed my eyes. I smoked about 30mg, closed my eyes and there I went. The first thing I saw were some vague patterns and the “common” DMT things, but after a few moments I was in some dreamlike state. It felt like a normal dream at night, but more realistic and with less coherence. Suddenly I was in some Mexican butcher, were I was cutting some meat, while at both sides of me people were walking in a row. Then a man stepped out the row, and shakes me a hand. This was just to hilarious, laughing out loud I came back to reality.
The DMT also let me see again how I am to live that moment. That’s another special effect of DMT (in my case), when I have smoked it, I can look to my life as an outsider, and I can see a sort of summary the previous weeks, very hard to explain, but very good for me.

Okay, that was a little introduction of my first experiences with DMT. Next I’m going to tell you something about my last trip, a couple of minutes ago.

It’s Friday night, I have no obligations, and I feel great! These are enough reasons to fill the DMT-pipe again. I fill the pipe with 30-40mg (now I do have a scale), and went into bed. I take slowly 2 deep hits, put the pipe on the side, and I close my eyes.

Pretty quick I felt that the DMT was working, but the things I saw were just shadows, not really their solid form. So I took another big hit, en closed my eyes again. Alright, now I was really started. I turned into the confusing world, and bit by bit, I came to the point I reached the last time (break through?). At this moment, everything felt again like dreaming awake. The same feeling as a normal dream, but with a clear mind. I can see, hear and feel everything that is happening. Wonderfull.

This time, I arrive on a place I knew I had been there before, I moment later I knew it. It was the supermarket where my First lucid dream took place. I had long forgotten this dream, strange that I could remember it so vividly. In this dream I'm dreaming as a child, and suddenly I wake up in a shopping cart in a supermarket, my mother tells me that I had fallen asleep, and we laugh with it. But a few moments later, I realize that I’m still dreaming, this was a great feeling, because I really love to dream, you can do everything there! After a while I woke up for real.

So In this trip I land at this place, exactly the same spot. It gives me a nostalgic feeling. Actually, I feel perfect! The trip was almost over, so I decide to take the pipe with me again. I wanted to inhale the last DMT out of it for some aftereffects, so I take the lighter, and inhale the last smoke without expecting too much.

That was a wrong thought, the most heaviest part of the trip was just on his way now. I was still tripping from the previous hit, so I was sucked in in the next very fast and hard. The first thing I notices was that everything appeared suddenly brown and dark, a little scary, but putted myself over that. Then I saw a pit-bull walking with a man in my head, very funny. About that time, I dissolved completely, away from my body. I don’t really know what was happening, I have forgotten a lot, but it was very intense. Mostly I see figurative visuals, but now, I was swimming in a universe with colors and patterns everywhere flashing around.

I wasn’t really thinking at something back then, because I simply didn’t existed, I was just floating around like an object in that swirling ocean of psychedelic stuff. Is this an ego death? It is a rather chaotic description but I hope you will understand something.
After a couple of minutes I came back to this world, it was done for this trip.
I was speechless.

This experience was very nice, wonderful and interesting. I also discovered something. When I hear stories of other DMT smokers, I sometimes hear how spiritual and life changing it was. I have never had a life changing experience on DMT, only with other longworking psychedelics. I have smoked DMT about an hour ago, but I’m still the same person as before, the DMT doesn’t change my personality.

So this is the story of my personal experience with the wonderful DMT crystals, thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!

(April 13 - 2014)

First off, I stumbled onto a video of "The Spirit Molecule" and was instantly piqued. I remember coming across spice in the early 80's, but seemed to have forgotten. And to find tech out there where I could "put some together" where to find? When I ran a search, I came across Avalon. I thought to order a few packages of MHRB, what the heck, if it didn't work out, the few bucks I spent would be worth the lesson. I was spinning when in a week, I checked my email, and saw an email for payment received and order shipped. In a week, on Philadelphia, I had my delivery. I couldn't believe it. Now to see about the quality.

I had to run around a bit for the ingredients. Now, I know right where to go, but then, it seemed harder to get my gear so to speak than to get the root bark. I managed to procure things After opening the vacuum package of "red dye" (wink wink), I struggled through the tech. I got two packages, so if one didn't work, I would have a second chance. In the morning, when I pulled my mason jar out of the freezer, it looked like a snow globe! It worked really well, and by the time I was done, with two washes on each package, I had over two grams of spice! That was two percent! I still am getting my tech down to clean it up, and get "glass shards", but at this point I reordered another kilo, already received and worked, with another coming my way! (I totally and wholeheartedly recommend using Avalon, I always send cash. CASH. They are honest and always answer my emails. Thousands of miles in another country, through customs...I have always been happy. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE...THEY ARE 100 PERCENT GREAT!)

Now for the good part. The first time, I was afraid. I cannot lie. To be honest, every time I use spice, I get butterflies and sometimes put it away. This is not a substance to abuse. I usually just fire up and there I go. I did one small hit. Nothing! I then lit up a second and made it bigger...I got half way through and started panicking! After a few seconds (or hours) I got myself together. I had melts and swirls and the jade tree in my window seemed to be made of real jade! I paper blew off of the sill and went was sooo beautiful! I did larger and larger hits, and finally multiple. I found out to go big...the smaller hits can be terrifying! Now, I seem to be propelled to another dimension. It seems as though, wherever I am, when I travel, the "new" dimension is always ordered and clean! In my bed, the mess is hospital corners. If there is clutter, it seems spootless! It is soo cool. When I close my eyes, the fractals and kaleidascope is amazing. I found a door, and thrush into it and went to another world in some other dimension.

Yes, I recommend this to anyone interested in going to this place. You can trust Avalon. You won't be sorry!...Peace.

(March 19 - 2014)

The irrational fear of the void
By –Louie; the twisted teddy bear

A couple of weeks ago my teddy bear Louie made some dmt out of Avalons awesome quality MHRB. He did some extraction steps whenever he felt like it, and after a while there was this large glass dish lying around filled with yellowish delicious n,n-DMT, of which he casually did some every day, with different settings and doses and techniques to see if every batch was as good as the last one and so on.
Now this particular evening a friend of Louie had shown up, and overstayed his welcome a bit. Louie had to get up early the next morning to go to work, and it was already 3 a.m. He didn’t really feel like doing a trip anymore, but you know it’s like one of those things you promised yourself to do before you’d go to sleep, like it’s some kind of obligation.
Anyway, already a bit Kratom’ed out and having smoked a changa joint before with at least 3 full & potent trips in it –of which he had felt very little-, my teddy bear (tired and not really focused) started loading the bong with some dmt out of the dish. Assuming it would’t hit him that hard (since the joint didn’t either) because of some tolerance he must have had build up, he didn’t weigh the amount. He just kept throwing in little razorblade bumps until he realized he kept throwing in more without even knowing. That should have been the first sign it was a bad idea. -Looking back on it, I think he must have filled the bong with at least 120 mg of the dmt (2 strong doses). He then sprinkled some ashes over it, then some powdered B. Caapi and took a deep breath.

Teddy’s heart always seems to stop for a few seconds when he’s about to do a hit, hearing his lungs echoing in his head. Knowing it always sort of feels like dying; but never knowing if it’s going to be pure holy-shit-this-is-awesome-I-understand-respect-breath&am-everything heaven, or cry-for-help-and-no-one-to-hear-you-scream hell.
He took a deep breath, placed the bong at his lips as some upbeat jazzy deep house was playing (thinking this would make the trip like a careless fun walk on the beach), and he started to light up. This music blasting through the entire house, making the walls shake really made the following at least double dark, so I’m including the link to the set, here it is: Deep jazzy house
What happened next is one of the most macabre, sinister experiences of Louie’s young life.
You know how you feel yourself launching? Like you’re accelerating, pressed back in your chair, feeling the g-forces just slap your skin off, and at a certain point you just hope & pray & wish you’re at max speed and reach some sort of plateau, but you just keep going, beyond hyperspace, with the buzz and ringing in your head just getting louder than you thought any sound was possible to be? Teddy sat there, looking like his eyes were about to turn 360 degrees in any and every direction.
The moment his trip kicked in, he immediately felt like he was going to or already had shit his pants. While the trip was still coming up; the walls breaking down around him until nothing around him was anything familiar anymore, he quickly decided to take his chances and run to the toilet.

BIIIG mistake.
To go to the toilet, he had to get out the chair, go through a long hallway, down some small fucking stairs where there’s no light and down another hallway and then somewhere to the right.
As soon as he got in the first hall, it was like trolls were tauntingly laughing at him. With every step he tried to take, the hallway turned 90 degrees (like a square falling from side to side; or like Johnny Depp walked in Fear & Loathing, but blockier, more mathematical) Every time he tried to adjust his steps, the trolls pushed the walls round and round, hysterically laughing. At the same time the usual carnival-ish polonaise of weird creatures Louie was familiar with in his DMT-travel, kept dancing through his closed eyed visuals as well as on every flat surface around him, including the tilting walls. At a certain point about halfway through, he decided to take a second to adapt to the situation. He opened his eyes again and (I swear to god) he was standing on the ceiling. All the stuff lying around in the hallway and all the doors were no hanging upside down above him. He screamed (or at least tried to, I don’t remember) and the hallway turned another 180 so he fell back to the ground. This went on like this for a while.

After what seemed like an unlimited time on some sort of psychedelic treadmill, unable to move forward, he got to the stairs; now truly entering the void. It truly is scary when you manage to get to another place you normally would recognize easily while you’re already full-blown gone in your DMT-trip. I mean, when you smoke it: the room you’re in at least starts changing piece by piece and you have a certain amount of time to get used to it.
Now Louie falls in the second hallway (it’s a miracle he didn’t fall of the stairs), with no light but a red little laser on an emergency lamp behind him –short flashback to ‘2001, a space odyssey’ as it seems to make some sort of noise between talking and background hiss-.
Even the previous terrifying experience seems like an eternity ago and compared to what follows, feels like I just had the fun part of the trip behind me. My twisted teddy bear doesn’t dare to stand up, as he feels his legs sinking in the floor. He just kind of gives up. It’s pure darkness now, in which a purple energy-like dragon seems to be dwelling around, who immediately notices the intruder in his dungeon or however you’re supposed to interpret that. The dragon seems to be made out of purple smoke, black light and dark matter (don’t know how else to put it) and it slowly starts to creep up on him. His heart is gone now. Rational taught as well. Right before the dragon-like thing manages to eat his face, he finds the light switch; somehow making everything even scarier and weirder. Nothing even closely resembled the room he should be in right now, and for a second he starts thinking he’s in a computer simulation the aliens or reality tv dudes or whoever’s job it was to keep the illusion realistic and normal, just completely fucked up. The image of 2 alien reality tv executives spacefucking each other over a giant desk of camera monitors pops in and out of my head. Like it was corrected.

Worst part is, it doesn’t seem like any of this is about to fade. Louie feels like he’s been on this ‘mission to probably take a phantom shit’ for at least an hour and nothing gets softer, easier, smoother or more comprehensible at any point. All of the sudden he’s sitting on the toilet, of course not having to shit at all (neither having shit his pants) and he feels pretty fucking stupid for again not being able to just let go when something got scary; always trying to control his trips: which, ironically, tends to always make it worse, like it’s your punishment for not trusting your plants.
All in all, by the time he managed to crawl back up, through the dragon guarded hallway, back up the colorchanging stairs (He could actually see the different stairs on his way back up, changing in all sorts of neon rainbow colors (a small relief), even though they should have been invisible with no light or windows at this hour), ashamed with his head down passing the carnival and the mocking elves and trolls/gnomes and by the time he sat back in his chair; the whole thing was done. Not even any CEV anymore. Like it never happened.
Apart from all the previous is that he was really happy to be alive and to have done whatever that was, but at the moment he truly didn’t have the ability anymore (AT ALL) to understand that he wasn’t actually dying, because it really felt like every piece of his body was shutting down, one by one, as a punishment for what he was doing with his life or failed relationships or I don’t know. The bear should probably try ayahuasca if he wants some clear answers, not DMT.

He was so upset he didn’t do it again for 5 days (usually twice a day), after which he took a normal amount (40 mg) with some b. caapi on top again and laughed his ass off. He’s not intimidated anymore and feels like he should stop taking all and everyone so seriously.
But even though it’s fucking impossible every time; you always have to know what you’re getting yourself into when you’re about to enter the void. As I said before: sometimes it’s heaven, sometimes it’s hell.
I’m not even sure if your setting, mindset and intentions have anything to do with on which side you will turn out. I think it’s how the creatures look at you at the point you decide to take your hit. If they respect you or despise you right then and there.
But as soon as the water starts bubbling; you’re in their hands. So earn their respect, I guess, and you’ll be able to respect yourself.

(February 27 - 2014)

I started off boiling 5 grams mimosa and 3 grams syrain rue for an hour or so... i drank it until i felt i couldn't drink more/ or rather i didnt need to, it tasted not too bad but it felt like pasty dirt that clung to my mouth, it was a dark brown pasty drink, the syrain rue was a neon yellow green, glowing in the water as if it the water was fused with the ally within syrain rue. An hour or so went by with my stomach tightening and a acute nausea, i had to bend over and hold my stomach during this time.. then it disappeared as if it was never there! and thats when i had a urge to go outside (my gut reaction was just get up and go out - i completly forgot about the stomach feeling i was having, and that i even drunk it)

when i went out the first thing i noticed was the air was wavering as everything in this world does as energy- (a continuouse wavering like heat-- i know of two kinds of energy ours heat like wavering- everything thats in this earth and an other that sizzles as if water were just about to boil and one that sizzles hard as if it were about to burst --- these are inorganic being--- being with life force, awarness but no organic organism like us they are opposite yet complimentary to us { carlos casteneda goes into further detail in the art of dreaming}) I looked up at the stars..... just a few at first then with in a second or two I saw them all!!! deep in space i was with the vast galaxy of stars billions upon billions of them!! ":) :") lighting up the sky like ive never ever before seen them -truly magnificient!! normaly we see what shows itself to us but a few stars and with street lights it blocks much off but this was like i said me in space with them all! it makes u wonder who we truly r ............

Then i turned to the some 68 plants i had growing on my front doorstep as i had nowhere else to grow,.. and i felt them saw them all moving talking, with feelings not words. alive !! amazingly they all had more or less the same thing on there awarness that they dont sleep due to the street light and passing cars , altho they were happy be in my company, my warmth and all that yummy food i gave them (advanced nutrients mother earth super tea grow and bloom) :( i felt bad tho that i grew so many and to have them all tired made me wanna love them more to compisate for the lack of sleep but i had to grow them there i had to choice my lanlady is a phyco lol no joke!! we arent allowed to go in the backyard nor the side of our own house, no plants - she killed many and poisoned one within a few hours it dyed from the inside out from weed killer, imagine if i felt like making a tea and picked thoes leaves i could have dyed or have been fataly sick!! she destroyed and raped all the trees around our house for no other reason than "uhhcrk,, trees" she murdered my california poppy ' and when i went out to stop the sensely killing she ramed me like a bull yelling so loud get the f off me! i was star stuck all i did was stand in the way of my plants and her - shhe was the one raming me yelling profanities and threatning me that she will call the cops if i touch her. THE LIST GOES ON!........... anyways back to my awsome expirence..
i touched and felt/talked to each one individualy, each one was a magnificient creature different yet the same to all the others - there truly is no plant thats the same even if they are the same species.... after bout no time passed - no time as in theres no such thing as time only people living by it-- my brother opened the door to find me looking deeep into space at the stars and kept checking on me every 30-40 mins (he didnt know i drank this) he for some reason just could stop checking on me probily cuz i was so tuned to my surroundings and his energy body felt it.

btw my surroundings are truly terrifying! (but forget the self and u fear nothing) overall i loved that state of awaness!! that > assemblage point location :)

ITS PEACE AND LOVE THE WAY WE R MEANT TO FEEL/BE>...................................... Thank-You All For Listening :)
Peace And Love

(January 25 - 2014)

DMT & Magic Mushroom trip

About one year ago...It was the first time me and my friends decided to take Dmt.
DMT was hard to get in our country. But we had luck and find some. After a few days in the afternoon we tried the DMT.

I was with my sister (×T) and her boyfriend (×A) and my boyfriend (×P). This time only me and A tried dmt. It was not so much DMT, so the trip was not so intense, it didn't get us to another dimension. We made our own vaporiser, from a light bulb.

We listened to DMT music something of Terence Mckenna. It was a very nice sound. Then ×A prepared me aroud 30-40mg DMT. I smoked 3 big hits of DMT and lied down and closed my eyes. The feeling was different and i got a feeling like my spinal gland is burning.
But it didn't hurt or anything. Then it was just like I saw my hand going to a big tree with a face, like a beautiful tree spirit... But then i wanted to say something and it disappear. Then i opened my eyes and that was it. So i smoked a little of what was left because the dmt was allover the light bulb because of the heat. Then it was like mayan spirals coming from the wall, and my sister picture started to change colors a bit. Then also ×A smoked it, but it was not so much intense. I guess we would need a bit more of it.

After that we talked a bit and decided to eat some magic mushrooms. For me magic mushrooms are awesome, because they show you things as they are, you just need to accept it. They help to heal and to learn how we can be. It is always a special experience on mushrooms. And this time after smoking DMT.

We went to ×P studio, my sister was driving the studio was near to where we were. There we eat the mushrooms. It was around 8 o'clock in the evening. ×T ate around 1,5g, ×A & ×P around 4g, and me around 2g of dried mushrooms. I forgot to tell, I was a bit younger and my parents didn't allow me to stay at the studio so i needed to come home earlier. In the studio the mushrooms are starting to kick in. It was a nice experience.

A lot of changing colors. I saw faces on the couch and floor. It was interesting. We also watched a clip on Vimeo, called Ayahuascero. It was really strong. In the clip you watch a trip of a man, and it's like you're with him. You go through bad things and back to the good of yours. It really changes you, when you watch it on psychedelics. We watched it a few times, when we were eating psychedelics. Always a special experience.

Then it was time for me to go home. From the studio to my home it was like 30minutes walking. I was going alone, so ×P told me to first go to his house and take the bike. So I went for the bike. 5 minutes walking. I think i was still tripping but it was calming down. Then i went with the bike. It was so funny because i take the big bike, and i was a bit small for the bike, but i could drive it. When i was driving around i had two roads to go. One was all in the dark so i didn't want to go there, one was on the road (happily not a lot ofcars, haha). And there was a road where
i would be home sooner, but i was going on the long ride. It was very nice, i felt like Hoffman on the bike, haha. Then i came to my home and i went down from the bike a bit earlier.
Then the real trip begins... hahaha

My heart went crazy, i was very thirsty. I needed to get down a bit. Happily no one see me. Then i get some power to get up and walked to my house. A few meters from the door i fall down. I was thinking shit i can't die now (hahaha). I give a call to my cousin who is living in the same house and told him to bring me some water. He didn't know I was tripping and said i should come to his room and he will open the door. I was then just laying there and thinking i need to get some strength to come to his door. In the other house i watched and the window was like picture full of patterns and in glowing gold light. I really thought this is the end, haha. But it wasn't i get up and came to the door and call my cousin.

When i was waiting i puked one time. When he opened the door i just lie down and drink water. Then i told him what was going on, cause he didn't knew . Then I went to my room, happy that i'm going to fall asleep. It was a nice experience after all :-)