Kratom 60X Black Label (3 grams)

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The NEW Kratom Black Label is part of the Experience™ product line.

Kratom Black Label 60X has been tested against all other Kratom extracts on the market and it has continuously blown the competition away! Kratom Black Label is one of the most unique products we have to offer; in that it provides completely different experiences depending on dosage.

This Kratom 60X gives you a warm social rush of energy, that mellows into a euphoric relaxing feeling. Made from the finest Maeng Da leaf, these active alkaloids have both a stimulant and relaxing effect. Enjoy with a friend for a lively night at home or get out and have some fun! Kratom 60X Black Label offers a deep pain relieving & muscle relaxing experience for 2-4 hours.

In small dosages Kratom Black Label is a stimulant stronger than coffee; however, in larger dosages Kratom Black Label offers a truly relaxing experience. When larger dosages are used, our customers report a feeling of euphoria comparable to opium based products. This feeling of euphoria is so intense that many customers use Kratom Black Label as a source of pain relief. To use Kratom Black Label simply mix it with your favorite fruit juice, or hot water and lemon.