Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow box

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow box
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This Golden Teacher magic mushroom grow set is the easiest way to grow your own Golden Teacher magic mushrooms.

You only have to add some tap water once to the mushroom growbox. After 12 hours you let the access water flow out of the grow set and place it in the provided plastic filterbag.

Place the filterbag in a bright spot (do not place in direct sunlight). After several weeks you will see your Golden Teacher magic mushrooms grow to life!!
With this magic mushroom grow set you can harvest up to 5 flushes of Golden Teacher mushrooms!
(Visit Magic Mushrooms Manual to view the online manual).

This mycelium grow set contains the mycelium of the Psilocybe cubensis 'Golden Teacher' strain.
The Golden Teacher mycelium is colonized on a substrate of rye and perlite. The top layer is covered with vermiculite.

The best place to store this Golden Teacher magic mushroom grow set is your refrigerator (not your freezer!) if you do not want to start growing immediately after receiving this amazing grow set.
Have fun growing your own Golden Teacher shrooms!


We do NOT ship this product to the following countries: UK/GB, USA, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Croatia (Hrvatska), Mauritius, Reunion Island, South Africa, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Estonia, Switzerland, New Zealand.

If in doubt, please contact us and we will inform you if we will ship this amazing magic mushrooms grow set to you!!!


I recant my previous review... - neddypatches - 11.09.2013
I wrote my review before having the experience. The 1st flush DID yield only 5 semi-mature sized ones (didn't let the caps open) on only one side of the kit, but I did include smaller ones, also, that grew beneath the vermiculite. Very potent and visual from a small amount; I recant my last review. I think the kit got manhandled through the process of shipping. This absolutely was through no fault of Avalon. I will purchase from here in the future.
Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! - scorpio3 - 11.07.2013
Golden teacher worth 5 stars in sure.the shrooms kicked me in outerspace with power.perfect visuals colors and melty faces!!!Thank you Avalon!!!!!!!
Quick delivery, but what's the extra bag for? - Anonymous - 09.02.2013
The package arrived quickly and without trouble, but I have to ask, what is the ziploc baggie for? Drying?
Quick delivery, but what's the extra bag for? - Anonymous - 06.26.2013
The package arrived quickly and without trouble, but I have to ask, what is the ziploc baggie for? Drying?
Totaly agree - The_Doc - 06.04.2013
In the famous words of Albert Einstein: I Agreeee:P This strain is so f....g nice!! Grows so beutiful in a lovely golden color. The tripp is for me very educational and lets me take care of todays problems. In my experinse this strain is more visual and less speedy like for instens B+. Give this strain Strain a 9/10 in my book:D Peace
My favorite cubensis strain - psilocybe - 03.03.2013
For me it's the best strain specially for beginners, the effect is very clean and a nice trippy vibe, nice visuals and very spiritual rewarding experiences. Five shrooms!
Golden teachers - Anonymous - 02.11.2013
All i can say is WOW !!!!!!! Shippin was very quick to ireland, I done exactly what the instructions said and waited, now it did take a few weeks for the 1st flush to happen and i got 200grams fresh with lots of mushrooms. Invited my gf over and we made tea with about 40grams fresh, i dried the rest. Made the tea and after about 10mins we were inanother world amazing trip we both had lasted bout 5 hours and it was just amazing. Now it was both our 1st time doing shrooms and it was nice. I just picked the 2nd flush tonight and they are monsters theres about 30 shrooms and there all very tall with big meaty caps fresh weigh is about 150grams so were gonna make tea again this weekend so im excited wat trips i will experience this time. I found this golden teacher growbox very easy to use, abd i will order more wen i get through my other flushes. Very spiritual, very easy, very nice
Geweldig! - Anonymous - 02.11.2013
Nou ik ben weer een ervaring rijker!! Samen met mijn broer hebben we gister avond om 7 uur alle paddo's naar binnen weten te werken, BEURK We hebben telkens een klein stukje gegeten en gelijk door spoelen met soort sapje Ik had 13gram half droge paddo's, en me broer had 17gram verse paddo's, na 3 kwartier zaten we op onze stoelen en begonnen alle bomen te veranderen, we hadden een uur lang lachkicks genial! Na 2 uur al dik trippen, ik kon al helemaal niks meer voelen, het was net alsof ik een video game speelde, en ik bestuurde mezelf, ik ging drinken, ik proefte het water maar ik voelde niet dat ik dronk, het leek wel alsof er 100 verschillende werelden waren! In ene dacht van hea ik ben nuchter! Zei ik tegen me broer: IK ben er weer!!!! Ohhh fuck daar ga ik weer haha :p In ene liep onze oom daar in de wei, wij konden helemaal niks goed meer zien, kreeg mijn broer het idee om te gaan rennen haha ik was hem kwijt en ik ook een beetje rond lopen in rondjes, haha onze oom heeft zich daar dood gelachen Probeer maar is een eindje goed te lopen joh, je raakt gelijk de weg kwijt De trip heeft ongeveer 4 uur geduurt, en dat van een zo'n kleine paddestoeltje! Het is eigenlijk niet te beschrijfen hoe zo'n trip voelt, je moet het zelf mee maken voordat je het begrijpt, er zijn ook heel veel verschillende dingen, eerst veel lachkicks daarna veranderen er dingen, maar echt op een hele mooie manier! De lucht was ook echt eng om naar te kijken! Deze trip samen met me broer heeft 3 paddo's gekost, we hebben er nog een stuk of 20, en dit was pas de eerste flush! :D Nog 6 flushes te gaan! Conclusie: GEWELDIG! Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!
SUPER TRIPPING!!! - bluehorizon - 02.05.2013
These mushrooms are just plain AMAZING! Fresh, Dried eaten which ever way.... just AMAZING! Waiting to order more. Thanks Avalon for a super time.
Great trip - christianfdez67... - 01.10.2013
My experience with Golden teacher has been amazing. I read reviews claiming that this strain was pretty weak .My wife and I took the shrooms last night and had an incredible experience , to be honest I would say very spiritual , amazing visuals . I had taken shrooms before , but these are incredible, made me see life through a different perspective . One thing I do recommend is that you control temperature while growing , this will affect greatly the yeild .I will ordering more of these magic shrooms. Thanks Avalon


(January 20 - 2014)

Trip Report From Psylocibe Cubensis Golden Teacher 5grams

It was a Cold Winter day. We were in our house smoking some spliffs and suddenly we decided to eat some magic mushrooms.
We went to our living room, and then we decided to take a bigger dose this time. My brother and i decided to take 5grams of psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher (Teonanacatl flesh of the gods). And my girlfriend and her sister took each 2 grams (dried mushrooms).

We planed more Shamanic Trip, we arrange room whit altar. On altar we put some crystals, candels, incenses and water whit flowers in it.
Then we set and smoke one J, and started to eat the Golden Teacher mushrooms. We think that is important to take mushrooms or any other sacrament with intention like ritual or ceremony. The taste of mushrooms was quite good, and 5g of mushrooms are like a meal.

Then we laid back, lit up one bomb :D and turn on the meditation music. When we smoke the joint till the end we stated to fell the effects. Me and my brother were feeling the effects sooner than my gf and her sister. And the threshold was quite strong and the feeling of body load.
Then after an hour we were all feeling the full effect.

Then somebody rolled another joint, and i went to turn on the Icaro songs from Shaman Guillermo Arevalo Kestenbetsa, and different ayahuasca shamans from Amazon. And i also turn on the picture from some artist i found on Facebook.

The Effects were amazing, visuals were like ancient native american aztec, mayan symbols. And when i looked at picture it was changing colours and moving changing structure and when icaro stoped singing the picture stop morphing. Then when the Icaro began to sing, wow what images we were seeing it that picture, i saw snake coming out of that picture and aztec warriors and amazing landscapes like other planet or so. Brother said that he saw like indian structure room that we were. And when i rolled another bomb i looked in middle of my fingers and saw symbols like hologram and the whole room was like pulsing in electric blue color and then suddenly while i was rolling a big snake crawled beneath my legs and it was in UV colors blue and purple. I was amazed at these strong visuals.

Then we decided to go outside to our backyard. We rolled a bomb. And we went strait to snow :D , it is a really funny feeling walking in snow like you were walking on clouds. And then night was really nice and clear sky full of stars and when you looked the stars they were connected to each other and form shapes like Flower of Life and Merkaba symbols (geometric shapes). Then we started to feel cold out side and went straight back to warm house.

Then the effects slowly began to fade, we all laid down listen to meditation music and enjoyed some close eyes visuals. And talking to each other what we see and suddenly we all saw same things. It was really nice experience. Then we talked what we experienced and what visuals were while trip and we saw that we all have quite same visuals.

If anyone would like to try magic mushrooms i recommend first in small doses to see what happens and then when you want to discover some new things about yourself and how things are , i recommend to try bigger doses but in good Set And Setting and positive vibes , this is very important and also meditation.

And to have the best visuals turn on the icaro songs and relax. And just accept things even if they are good or bad.