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beer yeast magic mushrooms

Is this company turning beer into psychedelics?

Research into the therapeutic use of psilocybin-containing agents such as magic mushrooms and magic truffles is gaining in popularity. Interest in psilocybin has therefore shifted in recent years from hippie communities to prestigious scientists and institutions such as Johns Hopkins. Now, a Danish synthetic biology company named Octarine has also started working with psilocybin - resulting in some interesting results.  “The genetic material that Psilocybe cubensis uses to make the p...
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African Dream Herb - One of Africa’s best kept secrets for lucid dreams

The African Dream Herb was one of the best kept secrets in Africa, where it has been used by shamans for hundreds if-not thousands of years to experience heightened consciousness while dreaming, leading to remarkably vivid and even predictive dreams. Native shamans and healers have always recognized that this herb connected them to a deeper aspect of themselves and their ancestors which are long gone, but not forgotten. But times change, and not only residents of Africa can experience...
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make own microdose capsules

Learn how to make your own microdosing capsules in 4 easy steps

Are you interested in making your own herbal capsules? For health benefits, to boost your libido, or maybe even to microdose your own magic mushrooms? Whatever your reason, you're in the right place for anything when it comes to making your own herbal capsules. In contrast to buying capsules or pills in the store (or here at Avalon Magic Plants), you can also make capsules at home. That way, you'll know right away that the herbs you take are fresh and organic to meet your specific needs.  Ne...
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psychedelic micro nasal

Is psychedelic nasal spray the future of micro-dosing?

As you probably know, microdosing magic truffles in is a big hit in every single country it’s available. More and more people, mainly entrepreneurs and creatives, are becoming acquainted with the miraculous powers of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms and truffles. Through our truffle microdosing pack, for example, but there are also people who dry normal portions of magic truffles and make their own capsules. But an American company thinks it could become even ...
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Come inside for some amazing discounts - Magic Mushrooms, Salvia AND Kratom!

  Now's the time to grab some amazing discounts! Are you ready for some great discounts, dear Avalon-members?! Well, we are sure you're going to love this! Until the 4th of October, you can benefit from an amazing 20% DISCOUNT ON OUR COMPLETE RANGE OF MAGIC MUSHROOM PRODUCTS, 25% discount on our Salvia Divinorum AND 25% discount on our Kratom! If that doesn't excite you, we don't know what will. So don't wait and start shopping right away.   ...
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psychedelic revolution

Is the psychedelic revolution finally here?

True psychonauts have known for quite some time now that an actual psychedelic revolution is slowly emerging. After cannabis was legalized in several American states, the country now seems to be ahead of many other countries in regards to other psychedelics as well. Ann Arbor, a city in the state of Michigan, voted unanimously last week to decriminalize a wide variety of psychedelics, including magic mushrooms, mescaline and ayahuasca. “To give some perspective, John...
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psych trip

Having a psychedelic trip without taking a psychedelic? It’s possible...

If you ended up here on the Avalon Magic Plants blog, chances are that you have already experienced a magical psychedelic journey. A mushroom trip, for example, an evening full of peyote fun or maybe even an intense ayahuasca session. But did you know that you might not necessarily need these specific substances to experience a trip? In fact, according to new research, it might not be these drugs, but our own brain that could be the most powerful psychedelic ever… It turns out you ca...
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psychedelics mike tyson dmt

Mike Tyson reveals how psychedelics got him back in shape

Boxing-lovin’ Avalon Magic Plants readers are very well aware that none other than Iron Mike Tyson is returning to the ring once more. The former heavyweight world-champion is making his highly-anticipated return against another former charmp, Roy Jones Jr., this November. But he’s not doing it alone this time. Besides his trainers, the humbled martial artist has something else coaching him this time around as well: psychedelics.  “Psychedelics got me in shape, it got m...
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microdosing lsd

Research sheds new light on promising effects of microdosing

Microdosing psychedelics is getting more popular by the day. From microdosing magic mushrooms to microdosing ayahuasca or even peyote, the effects are widely regarded as amazing. But while these natural psychedelics are our absolute favorites, we can’t deny the whole world of synthetic psychedelic substances such as LSD. Now, a new study suggests microdosing the latter could help with some interesting problems. Let’s take a look!  Also read: Cannabis literally rained from ...
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cannabis regen

Cannabis literally rained from the sky last week in Tel Aviv

If you aren’t a believer in a higher power, you might have started to doubt if you were walking around in Israel this week. Why? Well, although the weather forecasts didn’t see this coming either, it actually started raining cannabis in the streets of Tel Aviv last Thursday. But while we would love to believe this must have been work from a godly being himself, it actually turned out to be a drone dropping packets of cannabis.  The herb of love It does sound ridiculous, we kno...
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25% discount on our XL Grow Kits (+ Crazy Cacti Discount!)

  25% discount on our XL Magic Mushroom grow kits until the 30th of August! Here we go again, dear Avalon-members! We've got something great coming up for all of you shroom-lovin' folks out there. Until the 30th of August, you can use our special discount code XLKIT to benefit from an amazing 25% DISCOUNT ON ALL OF OUR XL MAGIC MUSHROOM GROW KITS AND GROW BOXES! But there's more discount coming up for you, so keep reading a...
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psychedelic microdosing

Will you be part of this new study on psychedelic microdosing?

Microdosing psychedelics is an extremely fast growing trend among people who want to improve themselves. During microdosing, very small doses of psychedelic agents such as LSD, magic mushrooms or truffles are taken to benefit from the positive effects, while not experiencing the actual ‘trip’. Researchers are now looking for people who microdose psychedelics to be a part of their new study on the effects of these substances on well-being and mental health.  Psychedelics fo...
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peyote mescaline cactus

This is what makes mescaline such a wonderful hallucinogen

Interested in psychedelics? Well, we’ve got quite a few of those here on Avalon Magic Plants. Ranging from magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits s to the most intense psychedelic herbs; anyone looking for a psychedelic journey can find what he’s looking for right on this website.  One of the most magical of all, is peyote, probably the most special cactus in the world. Peyote has been used by Native Americans for years, but the psychoactive cactus is not as well known to ...
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rogan experiences psychedelics

7 Joe Rogan Experience episodes about psychedelics you have to see

Odds are that if you have been researching psychedelics on YouTube, you have encountered some of Joe Rogan’s videos at least a couple of times. The American comedian, podcast host and mixed martial artist commentator currently has over 9 million subscribers and covers some truly exciting subjects with his fascinating guests. One topic Rogan can’t seem to get enough of himself, is psychedelics. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, the host is always able to insert a random &ls...
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psychedelics north america

A quick look at the most remarkable psychedelics native to North America

Here on Avalon Magic Plants, we often talk about the most fascinating substances, in particularly entheogens. These specific substances contain psychotropic properties that, when ingested, produce an altered state of consciousness. Their use is believed to be closely linked to the evolution of the human species, the rise to primitive shamanism, the existence of religion and many more aspects of life. Nowadays these substances are often used for recreational purposes, but these psychedelics have ...
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