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magic mushroom trip

Have scientists finally found a way to eliminate bad trips?

A magic mushroom or magic truffle trip can be one of the most life-changing and breathtaking moments of your life. Anyone who has ever experienced such as blissful trip, will agree with me on that. But at the same time, experiencing a bad trip can be one of the most dreadful, scary or anxiety-inducing moments you will ever face. So what if we could find a way to eliminate the possibility of a bad trip altogether? Sounds impossible? Well, not to a group of scientist situated in the North American...
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Breaking News: Up to 25% discount for all your prepping needs!

  Breaking News: Up to 25% discount for all your prepping needs! As the number of global coronavirus cases continues to rise, people across the world are beginning to stock up on food, medicine and other supplies. While fears of the virus spread faster than the illness itself, products like toilet paper and hand sanitizer are quickly disappearing from store shelves: doomsday prepping at it's finest.   Here at Avalon, we urge you to stay safe and stocked up yourself a...
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magic mushroom grow

Nothing to do at home? Try a new hobby: grow your own magic mushrooms!

Confusing times are ahead of us. A lot of Avalon Magic Plants visitors are currently experiencing partial or complete lockdowns due to the COVID-19 virus, especially those living in Europe. With restaurants, cinemas, activity centers and even coffeeshops closing, you might think there is nothing left to do besides staying at home and watching Netflix. Well, here at Avalon, we urge you to stay at home and keep you and your family safe. But lying on the couch doing nothing? That's not our style! H...
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quit smoking magic mushrooms

Trying to quit smoking? This might just do the trick...

If you are trying to quit smoking, there are quite a few medicine and programs to assist you in doing so. Because let’s be honest: smoking is one of the most dangerous forms of drug use there is (yes, both nicotine and alcohol are considered drugs), not just for your own health, but also for people close to you. We probably don’t have to tell you smoking isn’t really a good thing to do, but what we can tell you, is that there might be one rather magical solution to quitting smoking that yo...
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valentines discount

It's Valentine's Weekend at Avalon Magic Plants!

        Can you feel the love in the air? It's time to celebrate Valentine's Day!   Every 14th of February, millions of people around the world think of the most fabulous ways to surprise their partners and show them their love. Well, Avalon Magic Plants is no different, but we have our very own way of showing you guys our love! This Valentine's Weekend we have some amazing discounts setup for you, in...
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copelandia hawaiian 2

One of the strongest magic mushrooms in the world: the Copelandia Cyanescens

Do you consider your psychedelic experiences among the most special, fun or meaningful in your life? When you think of the word truffles, do you no longer think of those rare delicacy or delicious chocolates? Is fall your favorite season? If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, then we have some good news for you. Until Friday, February 14, we have a great offer for you here at Avalon: our Copelandia Hawaiian 1200cc Mushroom Growkit is now for sale for just 49 euros! Today we are goin...
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psychological flexibility

Magic Truffles, Peyote and Ayahuasca increase your psychological flexibility

Have you ever tried Magic Truffles, Magic Mushroms or Ayahuasca and felt your mind just got filled with new insights and perspectives? Well, that may just be a very real thing. New (but preliminary) research now indicates that the substances found in these psychedelics cause a thing called ‘psychological flexibility’, which in turn could be responsible for various positive effects on symptoms of depression and anxiety. The new findings can be read in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Scie...
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blue monday

Screw Blue Monday: These products will make you content, satisfied and happy!

Blue Monday has arrived, dear readers. Today, the 20th of January, is officially considered the most depressing day of the year. Most of our new years resolutions have failed, the holidays are way ahead of us and it’s all just so damn cold and dark outside. Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution for you at Avalon Magic Plants. Well, to be completely accurate, we have a whole smart shop full of solutions, like magic truffles, energy capsules, trippy psychedelic herbs and so much more.  ...
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maca poeder

Discover the amazing benefits of Maca powder

Here at Avalon Magic Plants, we offer you the most exotic herbs, plants and fungi from all around the world. Some are used to give you energy, while others are meant to give you the psychedelic trip of your lifetime. Today we are going to discuss Lepidium Meyenii, also known as simply Maca. It is one of the dried herbs we sell in our herbshop, and odds are you have no idea how beneficial this specific Andean food can be. Let’s take a look… For thousands of years the populations of the Peruv...
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cannabis in space

Elon Musk is sending cannabis to the International Space Station

A couple of weeks ago, a SpaceX Dragon capsule reached the International Space Station. Inside it was almost three tons of cargo for a wide variety of purposes. Much more interesting, however, is the trip that has been planned for March this year. Why? Well, the Agri-tech company Front Range Biosciences announced that it will be sending a load of cannabis to the ISS with the assistance of Musks SpaceX.  Cannabis in outer space So what’s the purpose of cannabis in outer space? To those think...
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psychedelic pouch

Archaeological discovery: 1000 year old shaman pouch with five psychedelic substances

As time progresses and scientists are regaining their interest in psychedelic substances, we get to know more and more about the different hallucinogenics that were used thousands of years ago. Recently, a historic finding has been made in Bolivia. A thousand-year-old bag made of sewn-together fox snouts contained a decorated wooden snuff pipe and several psychedelic drugs. In the scientific journal PNAS, researchers describe the archaeological discovery as one that provides insight into Bolivia...
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happy honey tea kanna

Had a busy day? Try Kanna Happy Honey to completely wind down!

Ah, finally came home from work after a busy day? Time to relax! Here at Avalon, we know all about how busy life can be. Long working hours and social obligations can really tear you down. Luckily for you (and ourselves), we have everything you need to be able to complete wind down. A quick look at our relaxing herb shop will show you all you need to fight a busy life. Today, however, we are going to talk about one product in particular that deserves some recognition: The Kanna Happy Honey blend...
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What happens when you microdose CBD?

What happens when you microdose CBD?

Welcome to the magical world of microdosing CBD! Microdosing has never been more popular than it is today. But while most enquiries around microdosing are focused on substances such as LSD, Mushrooms or Magic Truffles, not a lot of people know that there are quite some beneficial effects to be achieved when doing the same with CBD. In this article, we are going to take a look at how microdosing CBD works, and most of all: why it works. Let's take a look... The powers of CBD Have you ever suffer...
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magic mushrooms depression

Magic mushrooms could fight depression, but why?

More and more research is being done in the field of psychedelic substances. One of the organisations that is heavily involved in studies concerning these psychedelics, is the Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands. This year, Nic van der Wee, psychiatrist and professor, was looking for test subjects to take a specific dose of psilocybin, the active substance found in psychedelic mushrooms and magic truffles, to see what its effects are when combating chronic depression.  ‘Possi...
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vaping safer than cigarettes

What separates E-cigarettes and vaporizers from normal cigarettes?

With the increasing popularity of vaping, it is an interesting topic for new research. It is often claimed that vaping, regardless of the better taste and ease of use, causes less damage to the lungs than normal cigarettes. The vaping revolution really did surprise the world. It was invented in China in 2006, but now the e-cigarette has also caused a huge drop in smoking in the various parts of the world. Vaping mostly spread through word-of-mouth advertising for enthusiastic smokers who wanted ...
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