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Trip Report entity

Trip Report entity

trip report entity

At the beggining I must say, that from my early  trips with entheogens it engaged pure curiosity within me. I didnt even knew untill I realized I become seeker, I seek answers to my curiosity and even to my problems.

This was just a regular trip 2,5 g PESA dose trip which I prepared usually as a tea.  I always trip when the full moon is up reflecting those beautiful sunrays upon the darkness of the night

It does have significance and impact on my trip always, but I dont know maybe its just me. I think fullmoon is there to remind us to trip, better said to let go of things which we doesnt need anymore but we carry the baggage anyway. But thats just a theory :D
Preparation :

I prepared bed and blankets, this is always important thing to do.  

I fasted for at least for 4-6 hours or even more, I ate only light meals, in the morning and the lunch mostly oils,water, fruit juices are very good for hunger.

I prepared the whole room where I wanted  tripping ,to create nice calming atmosphere, also I prepared water for myself(even drinked a lot before is good idea)   because often during the trip I get really thirsty. Next thing which is very important for me to do is clearing the place, I did it even before, so I lit the sage incense, then palo santo to clear the place nad myself little bit and enjoyed my 30mins yoga session, afterwards I felt blissfull connection and  I boiled the water for tea. After drinking the tea I enjoyed meditation with music. This time I tried some three hours chakra clearing which should be for clearing the blockages. I think it was a mistake, It contained a composition of violin which sounded very sad to me. I was already tripping out balls when the sad music started to play. I started feeling the consequences  of our collective action as a human race and the impact that we are creating on our planet. I somehow tapped into earths consciousness and she showed me what she is sometimes feeling, I felt her pain. I was  devastated  a lot when I felt that pain which was accompanied by the images of machinery destroying nature,burning forests and various similar happenings around earth. It was very sad for me, I cried a lot but I felt that it is releasing. Then she communicated to me a message which has a meaning :  no matter what she is always a loving mother and that her only hope and reason to sustain life is her childrens.She is a sentient conscious living being and our primordial mother, she will gave up everything to see her childrens happy that was her message. I wipped my tears of and asked what could I do to save you dearest mother, she communicated to me that it is not to late and the change should be done on the personal level, that human race should realize how to start being human again(or better said earthian ?), by connecting to nature, by spending time with her, that we should start feel, not with our overanalyzing problems solving type of consciousness where overthinking and stress controls that kills the connection with her ... but instead with our hearts.  It is a very beautiful resolution when she gave us everything and doesnt want annything back, just piece,  humaness and love from her children. She showed me entheogens : muhsrooms, vines, plants and flowers all these creations was created by her as a helping hand to aid us from our own suffering and despair. I think we are by the nature spiritual beings and we need to live spiritual ( or whatever you call it) lives,we need to have our little antenas (pinneal glands) connected to the force which creates all living things,  because when we dont, when we feel the sense of separation from our unity we  end to suffer both individually and collectivelly. I felt and recognized pure truth and with tears in my eyes I realized what these corrupted evil beings done by discrimination and hatred towards these divine creations and technologies for communication which earth created. I felt outrage. Then I suddenly thought how this is helping? this is not the answer If I would do this I would be like them sooner or later Then I was calmed down because she showed up to me that no matter how big their effort is to create suffering, or to enslave us, they will not succeed if we stay united, not just with ourselves, or with others, but with everything, all living creations and the space. I felt that it is one of our basic human rights to experience with our consciousness / and to surrender and relieve all the cultural programings, that we should come back home from our cultural programming . She showed me that, this is the exact thing that we should do if we want to change things.We need to get rid of these superficial informations which are encoded  on the deep level within us, providing no benefits,  just eating us from the inside. I think the trip also taught me that by  simply being aware of these patterns we can easily get rid of the patterns that we collected unconsciously, as long as it is our attention .  The mother earth told me kindly that she is happy when we feel love,joy tolerance , compassion, when we are helping  and doing good deeds. She is there always waiting for us to finaly get over our egos and came home to where the love is. After these revalations trip continued I became very warm so instead of laying on the bed I just layed on the floor, I watched the plants which was around here, the music surprisingly got tones of rainforest, and those  bushy plants totally seemed to me as little rainforest. It was beautiful and very relaxing experience, after that I was very roughly awakened I heard very mean upset angry demonic voice, screaming something that I would not understand, it was kind of alien language, with my eyes closed, this being appeared. That being had very scary appearence, it looked little reptilian (If morbo character from futurama gets really scary and creepy and more real than cartonish then this was little man)   I felt that the being wanted to be seen as scary as possible, that being wanted to trigger negative emotions in me, it wanted to fight and it expected that I would fight back or get scared. But I was in deep calm meditation and observed, and now I though  he/she must have been a kid too (I visualized him at this moment as a kid) and kids are not evil by a nature when they are born. They get evil by the things, values, programs that they acquire during growing up. I transmitted this thought to him,  I felt very compassionate towards this being. Suddenly his appearance changed from very angry malicious being to a surprised even shocked one. After this I didnt stopped and tried to help him by transmitting the thought that he should go and connect back to the source, that it will help him a lot. Now I felt that he/she cant do that because he get very punished for his past acts. I reasured this being that it is universal right to that and that the source is very compassionate and will never harm him, that it would just reveal him who he really is, what he need to know and it would help him to get rid of what its no longer serving him. Then  I communicated to him go to the source, go to the place where everything begins and that being left. Afterwards I felt happy, satisfied I think these entity was thankful in his own way for how this all ended up.

To this day I dont know what that being was, If it was a projection of part of myself or if it was external, but felt external.

    I must say it was really beautiful yet tough experience to have, because it awakens me  to my own actions which hurt the planet. I learned lot of things and Im still learning how to help her and other creations on earth which are in need. All the profound gifts of these experiences are unfolding months even years after experience for me. After some time   I  slowly became vegeterian, reducing the amount of meat, then I only consumed vietnamese  poo chicken soup 3 a week, that slowly progressed into once per month.These realisations came slowly but very spontainious for me, for example next was diary, I loved various delicious types of cheese as early as a kid. Researchers found out that the protein in the cheeses tends to make people addicted, they compared addiction to heroin and I must say it was really tough to get rid of this addiction but cardio workouts (sweating) helped me a lot to get rid of these toxins. I think humans get mostly addicted to some types of body unnatural substance for example some types of toxins. Thats why I think the people get really addicted on crack and meth, I dont know about heroin but I think still that there are chemical solvents at least used in manufacture and thats what makes people addicted, or maybe just a fact that it is a foreing substance to our bodies. But back to point. After the meat and dairy, I stopped eating baked goods all these decisions were made by me because I felt that Im hurting my body, and I was. These changes were slow to come but Im very thankful for them, I began to eat healthy and sweated out those toxins. I lost tons of weight and  I feel like my body and me are connected again I no longer have pains or problems with my knee joints. Im very thankful for these side effects of this experience.    

This is personal note for you guys from avalon I deeply appreciate your mission, to spread widely these medicines, teachers.  We both knew how these amazing technologies are helping out with the most important issues, with the consequences of our action. As one very wise person said. Psychedelics are the catalyst for the imagination, and I think thats exactly where the resolutions of our problems are. Deep within of each other. My will is to see human race connected and united again. I think collectively we can do it. Everytime when something happens, humans tend to help each other. I feel sorry for those who are unplugged, because I know how it feels to be in that place. My will is to see these people comming to your website and helping themselves to find the solutions of our own and collective issues, that would be their best move, along with reading others experiences and collecting the info.               

Thank you

with deep unconditional love