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Trip report - process

Trip report - process 


I would like to share with you a post trip. For a start I would describe what happened years ago and what followed after this experience. Couple years ago after my initial heroic dose succesful breakthrough. I saw the opportunity to help one person, maybe you can relate. The person was deep within the matrix, never really listened to words of what I said or what I was trying to express, really stubborn/pigheaded persona. Somehow I felt this person deserve such a liberative experience that I have endured by taking 5grams dried.

Honestly the person was my mother which is like sister to me. I talked to her about this experience  a lot, about what to expect what to do and what not. On one early fall evening, when the full moon was up, I talked to her and we decided to take 3,5g of mixed G.T and PESA which I had left. I dont recommend mixing strains at all, all that bs which is flowing around the net, that the strains are generally same can hurt people. Do not mix the strains, ever, because every strain have different effect. In my opinion, G.T was more playful, deceiving and visual for me, Pesa on the other hand, acted as ayahuasca, I think there is strong relation with this peculiar wine of the amazon. I dont know how but it certainly posses very same qualities, I saw lots of people talking about these purification/purging boundry dissolving and healing  effects of Pesa and Mckennai strain  One very wise person once said that mushroom is very intelligent and when we expect and seeking lsd experience, It can bring lsd effects, so maybe even that comes to play. But I certainly think that the experience will give you always what you needed and only reveals you to what are you holding deep within you. Many times after mushroom trip under the full moon I got very deep healing effects, I can say it felt like I was clearing detoxifying on the dna/ intercellurar mitochondria level. After tripping I always felt exhausted, I felt to sleep, woke up after short time, totally soaked in sweat, but I was feeling like being born again, filled with new energy, no tiredness at all, pure fresh energy and joy from life I was experiencing. I think the full moon is ideal opportunity to get healed on these levels, because you can enlighten the darkness within you. I tried it many times and effects were always very profound. Even after few years of non tripping I always feel very energised and great when Im starring at the full moon.

My goal was to bring that experience to mum which I felt she deserved it. Also I wanted her to feel who she really are deep within underneath the sheeths of ego, because this was very liberative and life changing experience to me. I knew that setting was really important, prior to experience I tried to make setting good and comfy, I instructed her to call her boyfriend to talk to him, just in case that he would want to call during the trip. He was at the work, which he should like always stayed to the next day. She ignored me, or forgotten, I dont know really, but she didnt made the call. I prepared the fresh squeezed lemon  juice of 3,5g each, she did ate an apple before (I was not that experienced so I told her its ok to eat an apple and honestly Its hard to explain stubborn person things like that, these types of personalities do always what they want to do, ignoring the advices of others, but this stubborness cames as all with the price of consequences. After drinking the tea, I started to feel the effects within 15mins, I felt something strange, I got that feeling that it would be strong trip. After this I tried to advise her to go and focus on the intention and go to bed, she ignored me as usual, I felt that her ego is somehow peaking. Suddenly, the doors opened up and there was her boyfriend  coming home unexpected. As a women she immediately got that freaking out panic attack response, I tried to calm her down and I specifically replied to her complainings about this is all wrong, we shouldnt have done this, that everything is as it should be and  I was convincing her that everything is allright. By that time when he entered the kitchen when he was staying, we both acted like everything was normal, but when I saw how he was looking at me I knew that he felt something odd when he saw my huge dillated puppils ( I always have them really insanely huge when tripping)    She started to feel nauseus, didnt really listened to my instructions and started to unload washing mashine and all that usuall stuff . After finally convincing her to lay down and chill a bit, She left to the toilet because she needed to throw up, or she convinced herself that she need to throw up(In this moment I didnt really knew what she is really up to)  after coming back she was tripping madly, and told me that she throwed up the apple that she ate. She was looking very amazed and started to talk to me about these bright colors, she described the colors as very very bright and before unseen and also described the things which was robots like ( I think some kind of dmt like entities) . I can tell by her actions that she is uneasy, I tried to provide her with my blankets, comfort of my but she was like no she wasnt need that, I felt that she is somehow like disgusted with idea of lying down in my bed It was totally odd because the sheets and blankets were freshly clean. I prepared then (fully tripping) her own bed and instructed her to go and lie down, in that room, the tv news was on but what more can I have done when her dude was watching the tv there. She was uneasy there so she came back after what it feels like 15mins, I tried to tell her that the only thing that she should do is go within and lay down quietly, to let the experience fully unfold. I also told her and instructed her both before and during the experience that she should not fight it. After a while she got compassionate with her boyfriend and wanted to go to prepare him food, lol.After resisting  I convinced her that it is a terrible idea. She told him where the food is as long as I remember. Then she lied down and started to feel nauseus and cold again, I tried to give her blanket but she didnt really wanted it. Then it started, she got her clever thoughts, like when does it stops ? how should I stop it. Immediately she started to feel pulsating pain in her hands. She did have rheumathoid arthritis long before the event but in milder case, or I think she had it accumulating in her  trying to take over fully, when the body would be weak. I tried to provide her with everything, tried to help her, she was asking why she was feeling  that pain, I explained that is pain leaving her body, that she always got that pain but burried deep within her.  She was totally freaking out and never stopped talking and demanding to stop the experience, that she need to stop it. She demanding my help, I was searching about how to stop bad trip but very peculiar thing happened my computer stopped to work, I rushed to the other pc I have and searched, she was still complaining about how long it is taking me, but it was just seconds. My head was very very clear at that time, I mean I was tripping in no thoughts pure clarity, even through she was messing with my trip. After few pages I read about how to stop the trip, I only found about benzos, so I decided to go with the old trick, I prepared milk with honey and little bit of turmeric + cannabis ointment for her hands, convincing her that this is what stops her pain, she was very rude, egotistical I must say, when I gave her these things to help her she was always like what is that, with disgust in her face, after explaining and convincing her that it is safe, she started to talk about how we have just poison our selfs and how we should go to ambulance. She then started to demand her boyfriend to take her to a hospital, I told her that everything is going to be ok and that the pain would left within 30minutes. In this point I was little bit freaking out because back then I got some shroomies in the house  and I didnt want to go to jail. I tried to explained her about what would she told them. She was in deep pain, as it seemed. In one moment she told me that she cannot breathe, I holded her hand, she was crying, I felt deep compassion for her. I somehow felt hurt and responsible deep within me. I remember with tears in my eyes I explained her that everybody got something deep within which I compared to candle which was burning near us. I told her that deep within her is this flame and that flame cannot be dimmed nor extinguished by any force around here. She calmed down a little bit, the pain was little lesser-  Somehow I stopped freaking outmyself, I was very calm and felt deep clarity, even through what was happening. From that clarity, intuition arised and that intuition guided me in very peculiar process. I told her that I need to do some process which would help her, I was somehow inner guided to do all this. I started to go from the base chakra with my hands above that area, I immediately started to feel how my hands accumulating some kind of energy, after doing this I always formed a ball from that energy and throwed it away. My hands were like scanners of this unwanted energy obstacles. After going up to the throat chakra, there was more and more of these obstacles. She also had underactive thyroid, I removed these obstacles I feelt but I remember trying to remove the obstacle from the area where her teeth was. It was third eye chakra or throat, I dont remember this fact clearly. This obstacle was very hard for me to remove, I tried so hard that this sort of energy somehow, overpowered me and throwed me into the wall. I felt that this is the root of her problem, the teeths, I even intuitivelly scanned which ones are causing her the illness, I told her. I know it sounds a little bit crazy but honestly this all happened.

After not feeling the energy obstacles with my hands anymore, there was that intuitive guidance again, guiding me to scan the edges of the room and remove that energy, it also guided me to open the window. After doing it the pain completely left her and she was very tired and decided to go to sleep. She thanked me and left for sleep.

On the another day she felt better and thanked me, she have very light clear mind as she told me