All the products we sell are legal in the Netherlands, please check the legislation in your country before ordering our product.

Our products are only suitable for adults.

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COVID-19 | Corona virus

In this crisis (COVID-19) time, there are a lot of delays with incoming and outgoing packages, a lot of sales because everyone wants to order online. Currently we are going to our max of capacity, so we have to make some rules, see below for more information. 
We get hundreds of emails with questions every day and it's very hard for us to handle them in time. We friendly want to ask you to don't send some questions and just have a little patience. 

Always read our FAQ before send us an email. :-) 

Thanks for your patience and stay safe! 

Support team | We will not reply with the questions below

- Please don't ask us if we have received the payment the next day, it can just take some days before we have received your payment. If you didn't get an update after three business days, then you can ask us. 
- Please don't ask us when there is a delay visible at the tracking page, we currently can't guarantee delivery on time and there are just delays. 
- We can't give guarantee on the (fresh) mushroom products like truffles of growkits, because of the delays. Your are welcome to take this risk but please understand that we are not able to send replacements ( nor a refund ) for the time being. This is due to the delays and the higher temperatures during summer.
- Currently it's not possible to ship to pick-up locations or parcel shops
- Our website will automatically let you know if we can ship to your country, in the check-out. Please give it a try and you will see. Also on our restriction information page you can find more information. Please don't ask us if we can ship to your country. 
- When we have received your payment, most of the time we will ship the same or next day, but it can also happen that it takes some days before we can ship your order. 
- It can happen that the tracking link is not up-to-date or the tracking will not work. At the postal companies it's also very busy and this can happen, we can't do anything about this. 
- Please only ask your questions in English or Dutch, we will not reply when it's a different language. We don't use a translator because it's not right always. 
- You want to cancel your order? When you have placed an order, but not paid yet, it's not necessary to cancel it, with sending us an email
- Some products are not in stock and we don't know when they are available again, some suppliers from different countries can't ship packages becasue of lock-downs. Please don't ask us when products are available again. 

Thank you for you understanding and we hope we can all go back to normal soon!