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GOA: 20 Years Of Psychedelic Trance


GOA: 20 Years Of Psychedelic Trance is a unique book about the Goatrance movement, an anthology of the international Goa and Psytrance generation.

It is the first book that describes the scene as a whole. The articles are written by 41 insiders of the international Psytrance scene from five continents.

The pictures originate from some of the best photographers globally. The book highlights the evolution of the scene in the last 20 years and looks ahead to the future. The book comes along with a DVD. Both products are contemporary documents of a generation and photographic and filmic masterpieces.

The English edition is the expanded version of the original German book, containing six additional chapters and a whole lot of new photos.

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GOA: 20 Years Of Psychedelic Trance

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