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Stash Can Pringles Original


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Stash Can Pringles Original 
This stash can disguised as a Pringles chips canister is the perfect hiding place for all your important and valuable items such as diamonds, cash, credit cards, watches, jewellery, microchips and much more.

The Pringles canister is an original tin with the same lid and the typical sealing foil. The print on the can may vary due to seasonal advertising campaigns. For better camouflage, real chips should be filled in to create the unmistakable rustle of a Pringles chip can. To avoid food safety issues, the cans are supplied WITHOUT chips!

At the same time, real chips hide the view of the sealing disc that separates the chip chamber from the secret vault chamber. With a maximum diameter of 70 mm and a length of 130 mm, the safe offers enough space for anything you want to protect from wrong eyes. The safe is opened at the bottom of the chip chamber, where there is a sturdy screw cap.

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Stash Can Pringles Original
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