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The Volta is a battery powered vaporizer manufactured in the USA by VaporGenie. The Volta has a powerful LiFePO battery that provides power to a heating chamber. Herbs in the chamber are heated to vaporization temperature in seconds.

18650 LiFePO battery delivers over 200 watt-minutes of energy to heating chamber (about 8 minutes of power). Volta provides up to 25-35 draws from a single battery charge.
Spring-loaded electrical switch is comfortable to use and provides precise manual heat control.
Magnetically-retained bamboo cover does not rotate, so it cannot spill in your pocket.
LED battery indicator shows when battery needs to be recharged (turns red).
Unbreakable bamboo cover.

Volta vaporizer (with mouthpiece)
2 18650 LiFePO batteries
2 silicone battery caps
Plastic battery case with Gasket
Dual LiFePO battery charger


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