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Pax 3.5 Shadow Rain - Complete kit


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Pax 3.5 Shadow Rain - Complete kit

The PAX 3 is one of the best portable vaporizers in its class. It sets the standard for simplicity, sleek design and an exceptional vapor experience. It can be used with herbs or extracts. The ability to control the device via the mobile app makes this vaporizer your ultimate personal experience
Features of the Pax 3:
Intelligent, intuitive and direct. The PAX 3 is packed with great features.
• High build quality
• Lip sensor technology
• Motion detection technology
• LED communication
• For herbs and concentrates (Dual Use - only possible with the complete kit)
• Powerful vapor and fast heating
• Longer battery life than its predecessor
• Haptic feedback
Processing quality:
High performance both indoor and outdoor. The PAX 3 is made of high quality materials (FDA approved in America) and a built-in rechargeable battery. For additional piece of mind, a 10-year manufacturer's warranty is given.
Lip sensor technology:
Proprietary lip-sampling technology ensures that your herbs are only heated when you put your lips onto the device. PAX vaporizers heat up when they touch and cool the lips when not in use.
Motion detection technology:
A built-in accelerometer detects when the PAX is idling and prevents overheating of the herbs. The battery is not charged extra, resulting in a longer life. This feature is also used to initiate the party modes!
LED communication:
Colored LED lights provide real-time communication. So you always know when the herbs are heated. Operational readiness, battery condition and the current temperature level are just as easy to read.
Dual Use with the complete kit:
With the included concentrate insert, it is possible to change from herbs to extracts within a few seconds. Regardless of the material selected, the device will always reach equally dense vapor. Perfectly suited for use with waxy or buttery extracts.
Powerful vapor and fast heating:
The Pax 3 delivers a full, pure vapor within about 20 seconds and subsequent heating is almost instantaneous. The latest battery technology supplies the heating chamber with twice the power of the PAX 2.
Longer battery life than its predecessor:
The Pax 3 creates twice as many sessions as the predecessor model. Thus, you can enjoy up to 10 sessions per battery charge before charging.
Haptic feedback:
The vaporizer vibrates when it is ready or connected to the app. It will also buzz as you access the special game and party modes.

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Pax 3.5 Shadow Rain - Complete kit

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