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Smono No 4

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Smono No 4

The new Smono 4 is the best vaporizer for use on the go. With a size of 5.5cm x 2.6cm x 11.8cm it can be easily stored in your backpack. Its special Break-StepTM technology makes it insensitive to shocks, light moisture and strong winds. The scratch-resistant stainless steel housing withstands even the heaviest loads and protects the herb from external influences.

The Smono 4 contains a patented high-tech evaporation system that directs the heated air through the food-safe metal path. From here the hot air flows through the many air holes in the ceramic chamber to the material. The steam is very aromatic due to this gentle heating and the herb does not have to be stirred.

The temperature of the Smono 4 can be regulated in 8 temperature steps. You can choose between 160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 210°C, 220°C and 230°C. Temperature sensors and a lightning-fast control processor ensure constant performance. In addition to the temperature, the air flow can also be adjusted using the rotary knob on the underside of the unit. A single multi-function button is all it takes for the adventure mono to operate. No complicated key combinations - no distractions on the way. All important information is shown on the integrated OLED display at the top of the device.

The herb chamber itself is made of heat-resistant, dirt-repellent ceramic. The maintenance effort is minimal.

A very strong 2300 mAh battery is sufficient for 8 intensive applications and can be recharged in a flash at any USB port.

The Smono 4 is really Ready for Adventure!

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Smono No 4

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