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Vitae Sense CBD oil 5%, 10ml | 270mg


Vitae Sense CBD oil 2,5% - 10ml

Vitae Sense CBD oil 5%, 10ml | 270mg

(Mr O)
This is a great product for my first time cbd use having been a heavy pot smoker a long time ago (over 10 years) i looked it up online as there is no info here before making a purchace and it claimed to be non psychoactive, its does however contain thcv at.54% which i looked up to be psychoactive... though many seem to contain this and was not on the web site,

i have had familiar effects reminicent of smoking cannabis sure but non of the paranoia etc. a good mind clearer with mental energy at 1-2 drops, 4 has been a the most giving a more intense feeling and it has pleasant effects on dreams too

worth a try at a great price

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