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Coca tea Mate de Coca - Naturel | 100 bags

Coca tea Mate de Coca - Naturel | 100 bags
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Discreet and fast shipping, never had any difficulties (EU). Best price per content (: Fresh upon opening!
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Good stuff: high quality leaves that can be sucked on after making tea with them. Positive effects keep building on with regular usage.
Remember to store in an enclosed / sealed container once opened--otherwise the bags will not stay as fresh.

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Came fast, quite energising and stimulating!
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¿que efectos tiene?
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Glad to have found this.
Awsome pontificial.....;)

Great pure Taste, and just as green tea, you can use the teabags 2 or 3 times.
(Besides, the Taste when smoking it is really nice)
I just wish i could buy it here in the bigger (100 bags) box.

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