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Mycomate Kilo-Kit


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The MycoMate Kilo-Kit is a brand new magic mushrooms product from Mondo Mycologicals.

This magic mushroom kit comes complete with full colour illustrated instructions and everything you need to grow a kilo of edible mushrooms of your choice. The growing method is based upon the success of the MycoMate Liquid Culture Vials.

With this method the substrate will be colonized much quicker as with mushroom spores directly.
In just a few weeks you will be able to harvest 1000 grams of edible or medicinal mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms Spores are not included and must be purchased separately, only 1 spore sporevial required for inoculation of 5 Liquid Cultures! You can pick a spore syringe or a magic mushroom vial to get started!

We can NOT ship this product to the UK.

Mycomate Kilo-Kit

The included liquid culture colonized fast in the incubator,both the cake and the lc vial was sterile,no molds.Yields well over 100g,still going.Good kit,huge cake but be ready for slow colonization because of the size.It starts a bit dry but will pull in some moisture from the air.Dont let it become too wet or it will slow it down even more.I used a plastic box with perlite for fruiting instead of the provided bag.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]