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B+ Mini | Freshmushrooms grow kit

Freshmushrooms | Magic mushroom

100% mycelium Mini B+ | 600cc mushroom growkit


Neu bei Avalon auf Lager, die mini Zuchtbox (600cc). Diese B+ Zuchtbox ist die einfachste Art zu Hause deine eigenen B+ Zauberpilze zu züchten!

Du musst die Zuchtbox lediglich mit etwas warmen Wassers befüllen. Nach 12 Stunden lässt du das überflüssige Wasser ablaufen und platzierst die Zuchtbox im mitgelieferten Filterbeutel.

Nun stelle den Filterbeutel an einen Hellen, nicht der direkten Sonne ausgesetzten, Platz. Nach einigen Wochen werden deine selber gezüchteten B+ das Licht der Welt erblicken.

Dies ist unsere Mini Version der Myzel Zuchtboxen.

Zum Einsehen des Online-Handbuches besuchen sie bitte: Mushroomg

Diese mini Zuchtboxen sind ein grossartiges neues Produkt bei uns auf Lager und zudem ein toller Weg um mehrere Arten Zauberpilze auf einmal zu probieren.

Diese mini Myzel Zuchtbox enthält das Myzel der Psylocibe cubensis “B+” Züchtung.
Das B+ Myzel wurde auf einem Nährboden aus Roggen und Perlite angesiedelt. Die Decklage besteht aus einer Schicht Vermiculite.

Falls du nicht direkt nach Erhalt dieser unglaublichen mini Zuchtbox mit deinem grow loslegen willst, sollten diese Zuchtboxen bis zum Gebrauch im Kühlschrank gelagert werden.

What you need:

- A filled water spray with clean (tap)water.

- A light (no direct sunlight) place with a temperature between 18°C and 30°C (Idealy 23°C).

Work hygienic at all times!

- Do not breathe or cough inside the bag.

- Always wash your hands before you start working on your cultivation! You may have touched mold, it’s in the air, it’s everywhere and you don’t want to contaminate your precious!

Step 1 growing magic mushrooms growkit

Step 1

Take the Grow Kit, plastic bag and paperclip out of the box. Remove the lid of the Grow Kit (store the lid properly). Rinse the lid under running water. You will need it again later.

Step 2  growing magic mushrooms growkit

Step 2

Place the grow kit without lid in the plastic (supplied) bag. Slide the opening of the bag under the bottom with the micro perforation pointing upwards. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. You do not have to worry about air circulation.

 Step 3 growing magic mushrooms growkit

Step 3

From the moment you see the first small mushrooms (see photo), you can put the bag upright. Do not water. The first magic mushrooms will be visible after about 1 week.


Step 4  growing magic mushrooms growkit

Step 4

Place the Grow Kit in an area with enough daylight and at a temperature between 18 °C and 28 °C. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Although mushrooms will grow at almost any temperature above 15 °C, 23 °C is the ideal temperature for an optimal harvest. Special heat mats are available to ensure this temperature and not have to heat the entire room.

Step 5  growing magic mushrooms growkit

Step 5

In this phase (see photo), leave the bag slightly open, so that the moisture can evaporate a little. Too much moisture is not good. Your first harvest will be about a week after the appearance of the first pellets. Make sure you harvest before the first spores begin to fall!


Freshmushrooms grow kits produce their first harvest fairly quickly. The first buds are already visible after only 1 week. Low and high temperatures may slightly delay this growth process. As soon as the first shrooms are visible it usually takes about one week before the mushrooms are fully developed.

The moment of harvesting is extremely important. If the spores under the caps are still closed but threaten to burst or let go by the power of the caps, the time has come to harvest.

Step 6  growing magic mushrooms growkit

Step 6

These kits produce several mushroom harvests. To do so, fill the kit with clean tap water after the first harvest. This process is known as cold shock. It breathes new life into the mycelium and ensures that enough moisture is present for the mushrooms to grow.

Step 7

Step 7

Place the lid of the Grow Kit back on the kit. Let the kit rest for 12 hours. Open a corner of the lid and drain the excess water. From here you can follow the instructions from step 1 again. This process can be repeated several times.

B+ Mini | Freshmushrooms grow kit

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Very fast delivery and very nice product. Just ordered it again because I was very satisfied with it when I was growing mushrooms last year. B+ mushrooms are great for deep trips, discovering yourself and the universe. Also very nice for microdosing to enhance your everyday-life (work, sports, relationships etc.). Always make sure that you grow them with care (sterile work: disinfection, mouth protection, examination gloves, distilled water). Also talk to them with good intentions (love, health, whatever you desire). Dry them with a dehydrator and vacuum-pack them. Then store them in a dark, dry and cool spot. You can store them under these conditions for at least one year and they are still potent. I am very excited for my upcoming experiences with the B+ mushrooms. Would recommend them to everyone!
Bewertung: [von 5 Sternen]