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Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

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I am an insomniac nowadays, and have been for nine years now, and I have other mental and physical problems due to my overuse of drugs in my history.  I was weeping for my lost innocence and health, my good graces, so to speak, which goes deep into my history.  I am now 33 years old, and I started having severe mental problems when I was fourteen, partly due to my age and largely due to the fact that I became a pothead and did not enjoy smoking it, I was just doing it to be cool.  One should never use any drug that they don’t like if they don’t absolutely have to, and especially not psychoactive drugs that will damage the mind.  I became severely depressive that winter due to hating my mental states on weed and not connecting to my friends, just feeling bad all the time.  It was the beginning of the end for me, so young, and I’d tripped maybe thirty or forty times between age fourteen and seventeen when I had a total breakdown.  I continued tripping afterwards though often with disastrous results even up to present day.  I don’t trip on anything except for Ayahuasca now, because I find it to be the safest one, and I quit drinking and smoking tobacco by using Ayahuasca.  Last year, in 2014 that is, I tripped on mushrooms that I grew, which I strongly regret, and this has affected my mental and physical problems to this point in my life.  Like I said, I wouldn’t trip on anything anymore except for Ayahuasca, and that only because I’ve had very positive aftereffects from that medicine every time I’ve taken it.  This trip report is based on the mushroom trips that I took in 2014 and reflects that part of my life. 


I had received Mushroom grow-kits for shrooms in the mail and after my first harvest I ate them several times.  The first flush took about a week and a half to come through.  I had the kits in the plastic bags so that there would be no contamination.  The variety was Golden Teacher, so they were pretty potent. 


The first time I ate them I had them raw and fresh, and I took a half a gram of harmine along with the shrooms.  I was watching Alice in Wonderland and began to laugh a lot, and I felt that I was losing control of my mind.  It was like a part of me was going off on its own and the rest of me was watching it happen, while my body laughed.  I decided to medicate with bipolar medication and then I fell asleep afterwards. 


When I woke up I felt great; actually I felt good for the sleep I’d had.  My mind was composed and my feelings were ok, and I felt that I had rested well.


The second time I took them I was with a friend, an ex-girlfriend who came by just to hang out.  I only took them, not her, and I again ate some raw, fresh ones that I picked just then from the grow-kit.  I remember as they kicked in I began to feel very strange with her, and told her I was feeling weird.  She left soon after as I asked her if I could be alone for the trip.  I believe I watched Fantasia that day, and I remember laughing at the dancing mushrooms in the animation of that movie.  That old Disney movie is great to trip with or just enjoy sober, as the music and animation go together perfectly and it is a very artsy piece.


The third time I took them I was again with my ex-girlfriend.  This time, we drove around town.  I ate them fresh again, maybe a gram total, and I felt like everything got very bright around me that day.  The sunshine was out, and the town looked like it was practically glowing in the mid-morning sun.  We stopped at stores locally to return items she had bought and I noticed women looking at me much more than usual.  It was like they wanted me to come and talk to them, like they were catching my mushroom vibe, which has always happened with women and girls since I was a boy and first taking shrooms at age fourteen and fifteen.


The fourth time I took the mushrooms I ate candy bars with dried mushrooms in them.  I dried the mushrooms in the oven at 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and I found this took some of the potency out of the shrooms.  I ate four and a half grams that was melted into a peanut butter chocolate bar and then I watched Fantasia again.  This time I didn’t feel enormously different, but I had good energy levels and felt upbeat and high.  I ended up eating another five grams in a candy bar, so I ate a total of 9.5 grams.  If they hadn’t been weakened by the drying process it would have been too intense to really handle, as these shrooms were potent.  As it was, they were perfectly fine at that dose because the heat of drying had killed some of the psilocybin in the shrooms.  It is best to air dry mushrooms or use a food dehydrator on the lowest heat.  You can also just put them in front of a fan and let it blow on them in a dry room for several days.  In any case, they should be cracker dry before eating.  Eating them fresh is more difficult and I’ve had a bad experience on a bad batch of fresh mushrooms once, which I will get into now.


My next trip I ate them fresh again, and this time I made a major mistake and had them even though there were little white hairs growing on them.  If there are any hairs on mushrooms you should never eat them as they will make you sick to your stomach and you will probably have a bad trip.  I medicated with Zyprexa, a bipolar and antipsychotic drug that didn’t even put me to sleep.  I ended up walking around in circles in my kitchen and weeping over my lost innocence from childhood.  I remember being healthy and happy as a young boy, up until my high school years I was doing well in life.  I wept for the pain I’d been through, for lost innocence and shed blood, and for the sadness of life that I’d known.  I cried for three hours straight, thinking of God and Christ.  I used to go to church when I was a kid, between ages eight and fourteen I would go every week.  I even went to Bible Camp in the summers, which was a lot of fun.  My youth was lucky, so in that sense my old age will most likely be lucky as well, and I will do better as I get older.


After that trip, I fell asleep and from then on I began seeing shining crosses in my vision when I closed my eyes.  For some time afterwards anyways, perhaps a few months.  When I woke up I was depressive and this trip led me to start drinking more heavily and also lose touch with my better feelings and sense. A bad trip can mess you up quite a bit, and I’m recovering from last year’s bouts with mushrooms to this day, and will be for years to come I believe.  At present I am, however, sober and also not smoking tobacco, and I barely smoke weed.  The only drugs I do are my medication and I am trying to carefully use Ayahuasca from time to time.


There were several more mushroom trips after that bad batch.  These occurred at the new location of my family north of the town that we previously lived in.  I moved up there, to norther Massachusetts with them in August of 2014.


I ate mushrooms again in September of 2014.  I took two and a half grams and I stayed in the yard of my parents’ home, pacing around and looking down and the tufts of grass in the middle of the night.  I felt paranoid, paranoid that my parents were listening to me and watching me and thinking of me, and I felt like I hated them and needed to get away.  I called 911 to get picked up and go to a hospital.  I didn’t tell them I ate mushrooms, rather, I talked about Christ and God and my feelings in that regard.  I also talked about my family and how I hate being around them as they make me feel pretty awful and uncomfortable. 


When I got to the hospital, I checked in and stayed on a stretcher while a nurse would come in once in a while and take notes and ask questions.  I never told them I ate mushrooms, I just told them I was having a reaction to my living situation.  As I lay on the bed in between nurse visits, I would drift into the most lovely visions of natural settings.  I saw again the tufts of grass on the lawn in the darkness, though in my vision the grass was very green indeed (on the other side of course).  I also remember seeing a gorgeous flower, like a rose that was closed up and bathed in light that was changing colors as the rose changed colors as well.  This was very pretty, and I found it soothing. 


The hospital stay worked out ok, I left shortly after arriving and was picked up by my dad.  I felt better then, and stayed at home for some time without worrying about things.  This part of my life was very difficult for me and I am still struggling with things now that had happened then.  There are a few more trips from that batch of mushrooms to talk about.


One day I drove an hour and a half away to visit a friend, a woman I know that I used to be with.  I ate an eighth of mushrooms at her home, and became very drowsy, so I decided to drive back to my home to sleep.  On the car ride my arms kept feeling very week and I would rub them periodically to give them strength.  I also would close my eyes while driving for a few moments at a time and see the world as though my eyes were open, but with trippy effects. 


I made it back to my home in one piece and took some bipolar medication, then went to bed.  While in bed I was sitting up and laughing hysterically at nothing in particular, and I kept making promises to not take mushrooms again, as I kept having bad reactions to them.  I fell asleep and dreamed about Obama and Hillary Clinton and a general of the U.S. army talking about me.  The general was saying they should find me and put me away, and it seemed as though the president and Mrs. Clinton were defending me.  I was in the background, unknown and unseen by them in the dream, just watching and listening.


The mushrooms were easy to grow and easy to dry, I just used a food dehydrator on low setting to do it slowly over a day or so.  I had eight kits and ended up with about six ounces of mushrooms.  I sold much of them away to people I knew, and ate about two ounces myself.  All in all, I regret having experimented with them this time around, as I had bad experiences and bad reactions and I ended up much more hurt than I was before.  These trips led into a winter of hospitalization and difficulty, and I recovered in the Spring from my alcoholism by taking Ayahuasca.  These trips I will get into in another report.  Thank for your time and reading my work.  Good luck, peace and love.