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Ayahuasca Trip Reports Fall 2015

Ayahuasca Trip Reports Fall 2015

Ayahuasca Trip Reports Fall 2015


I had written several trip reports for Avalon and received a half-kilo of shredded mimosa hostilis from them via post.  I had already procured a pound of banisteriopsis caapi online on ebay; this cost me about sixty dollars.  I use large amounts of mimosa for my Ayahuasca mixtures, about thirty to forty grams per dose.  I like the high amounts of DMT as it increases the energy in the trip and the visions drastically.  I was excited to get the goods and when I did I stored them safely in a drawer in my bedroom.


I boiled 150 grams of banisteriopsis caapi and also about 120 grams of mimosa separately and mixed the two brews together in a tall glass.  For both I boiled in a large pot for about six hours until there was just a few cups of liquid on the bottom with the plant matter.  I then discarded the plants and separated the liquid, putting it in a much smaller pot and boiled it down to about a half cup of liquid.  I did this with both of the plants and mixed the two liquids together.  It is stored in my refrigerator until I drink it.  I’m having it in three doses, possibly all in the same night, and I have to wait a week to not have any sexual activity before I do this.  I will cut out salt and sugar a few days before ingestion and attempt to maintain the sexual abstinence and dietary restrictions for several weeks after the trip.  This way I will get the maximum benefit.


There is one thing that complicates the trip; I take antipsychotic prescribed medication.  I am an insomniac and have used Ayahuasca ten times while still taking medication.  I always take the medication much later, far after the trip has worn off.  I continue taking the medication as prescribed, though I find I can take less after an Ayahuasca session and sleep just as well or better.  I was hoping I could ween myself off the meds and still feel ok and sleep ok by using Ayahuasca carefully alongside of them for some time.  It is my goal to go to Peru sometime next year for a long term stay at a therapeutic center for Ayahuasca via the Ayahuasca foundation run by Carlos Tanner.  I’ve sent him emails asking about acceptance into the program and explained my situation in detail.  I’d go off the meds before going of course, and the point would be to stop taking medication and begin a totally different lifestyle.  The program I wish to sign up for is a 69 day extended initiation course in which they heal you and then teach you to heal other people.  I would want to do this for a living, either in South America or in the United States where Ayahuasca ceremonies are now legal.


I will write more when it comes time to take The Medicine, or “La Medicina”. 




I drank the two doses of Ayahuasca spaced about half an hour apart.  I did not receive any major visuals, but rather a body high that seemed to make my head and chest vibrate and glow.  I did see a bit of imagery from the fantasia movie I was watching when the medicine started to kick in.


I took the doses at around 1:10 am and then 1:35 am, respectively.  For the beginning of the trip, I watched “Fantasia 2000”.  The whale scene was especially poignant, with the blue coloration making me think of healing aura’s, blue lights that can enter your body and heal you.  It was very beautiful and the music that went along with it fit perfectly.  After the whale scene, I turned off the TV and put on “Approaching Farewell” on my speakers connected to my laptop.  It is a trippy and upbeat dubstep and was full of energy.  Behind my eyes I could see lights glowing, and nothing concrete formed.  I paced around and danced a bit in my living room with the music on. 


It is now 3:08 am same night.  The medicine has worn off, and I have a tired and lethargic feeling in my head.  I’m listening to the soundtrack for “Meet Joe Black”, which is beautiful, and sitting and writing this piece.  I still have about four hundred grams of mimosa as well as 300 grams of caapi and I intend to make more of this special brew, though much stronger next time.  I want to try to ingest 100 grams of mimosa in one dose along with fifty grams of caapi.  I have a hard time reaching visual “peaks” with Ayahuasca doing it alone in my home, and I’m hoping to really open some doors in my mind with it with a dose that high.  I will get back to this trip report soon.


Hope you enjoyed the read! 


When I went to bed this evening, on 09.05/15 at around 3:30 am, I was drifting randomly into very brief and very vivid visions.  Bright colors would flood my sight behind my eyes momentarily, and for a brief moments I would see other worlds.  My body felt very relaxed and at ease; I was calm and content in bed, which says a lot as I’m an insomniac to some extent and don’t fall asleep easily.  I often get anxious and restless in bed waiting to drop off but this evening I felt totally relaxed.


Today I’m boiling over 200g of mimosa and I have some freebase harmine coming in the mail.  It should be here next Saturday, and probably on Sunday I’m going to take the harmine with the liquid I get from this boiling and see if I can really crack my mind open.  What I’m looking for is a totally cohesive, all-inclusive visionary state that takes me through different worlds for the duration of the trip.  I hope with such a high dose there will be no doubt of this, I live for these types of things and its been a long time since I was immersed in a long-term waking vision.