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Druids Fantasy (6 capsules)


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Finally available online at Avalon Magic Plants!

These green pills contain crushed Morning Glory seeds and taurine. Druids Fantasy induces a powerful visionary trance that lasts more than six hours. Mild feelings of nausea are fairly common and usually disappear as the experience deepens. *


Take between 2 - 6 capsules. Start off with 2 capsules to test your sensitivity. If necessary you can take more afterwards.


Each pack of Druids Fantasy contains 6 capsules of 800 mg each. Each capsule contains: Morning Glory seeds, taurine, magnesium stearate and gelatine (capsules).

Druids Fantasy (6 capsules)

(K99359 Wüest)
What a trip! After a really heavy bodyload (taking them on an empty stomach is a good advice...) a very peaceful feeling set in. I had very strong body sensations and felt totally at ease in nature. A lot of very insightful thougths flowed through my mind. Nice
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Aleksander Price)
Took 2, waited half an hour, nothing. Took the remaining 4, got a bit nauseous that's all. Nothing else happened, definitely nothing visual. Fast delivery though, and the cactus I got from here is cool!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]