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Salvia Serum - Salvia Divinorum 5 ml


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Salvia Serum - Salvia Divinorum 5 ml

Enough of smoking Salvia? Here it is: Salvia (Sage) divinorum tincture.

This Salvia tincture is dosing much easier for you.

- The bottle contains 5ml of liquid, enough for 100 drops.

The use:

- Put a few drops (Salvia Tincture) under your tongue and let it sit as long as possible, so that the salivary glands are given the opportunity to record it in the body.

- After about 15 minutes the first effects will be noticeable.

- Take 10 to 20 drops for a mild effect. Take 25 to 40 drops for a strong effect.

Salvia Serum - Salvia Divinorum 5 ml

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