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Grinder metálico clásico

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Metalen grinder classic 3 parts

Dreamliner aluminium grinder with engraved leaf in the lid. This 3-piece grinder has a pollen filter, scraper and a magnetic connection in the lid.

Specifications of Dreamliner Aluminium Grinder Leaf Grey
• Colour/Design: grey/leaf
• Material: aluminium
• Grinder diameter: ± 40 mm
• Number of parts: 3-parts
• Reservoir: no
• Pollen screen & storage compartment: yes
• Removable pollen screen: yes
• Pollen scraper: yes
• Magnetic lid: yes
• Quantity: 1 piece
• Brand: Dreamliner
• Available colours: grey/leaf

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Grinder metálico clásico

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