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Speed (Amfetamine) Test- Dope or Nope

DOPE OR NOPE Test is een snelle en gevoelige test waarmee je aan de hand van specifieke verkleuringen en reactiesnelheden verschillende soorten drugs kunt identificeren. DOPE OR NOPE Test is een effectief middel tegen marktvervuiling en kan je beschermen tegen ongewilde (neven)effecten.


✓ Discreet verzonden

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How to use Speed (Amphetamine) Test Kit?

DOPE OR NOPE test kits are incredibly easy to use. Follow these steps to find out the contents of your drugs in no time:

  • 1. Take the ampoule with the test reagent
  • 2. Break the ampoule and add the sample of your drugs.
  • 3. Rotate the top you just removed
  • 4. Place the top back on the ampoule
  • 5. Compare the color with the supplied table

How does it work?

Do you see a color that is on the card? This means that the sample probably contains (some of) the substance (family of fen) as indicated on the table. This does not mean that this is a 'pure' substance, there may also have been another substance that is not recognized by the test. Nor does this mean that the sample is 'safe'. The use of the test also does not tell how much of the active substance is present.

You see no or a different color reaction? This means that you are definitely not dealing with any of the substances listed in the table. In this case you can never say with certainty which substance is present in the sample. This can be harmless but can also be extremely dangerous. If this happens to you: throw away the sample.

DOPE OR NOPE Test does not condone or disapprove the use of drugs, but recognizes the fact that banned substances are used regardless of their legal status. There is no safe use of drugs.


Use of this test is at your own risk. This product only provides an indication of the identity of the active substance (s), as described on this page, and can therefore not offer 100% certainty. No rights or guarantees can be derived from (the use of) this product. The producer is not liable for damage and / or accidents caused by this product.

Contains a strong acid, keep out of reach of children, avoid contact of liquid with eyes and skin, this may cause irritation. First aid: rinse with plenty of water. Storage advice: store cool and dark <35 ℃ (° F 95) in original packaging.

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Speed (Amfetamine) Test- Dope or Nope
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