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Magic Truffles

Definitely one of the best psychedelics in the world!

Unlike magic mushrooms, you can legally buy Magic Truffles online. This means you can order any magic truffles you want to use to your heart's content! The truffles don't look like regular mushrooms. Want some more information? Then go to our knowledge base or read one of the many Blog articles.

The effects of Magic Truffles become noticeable about 30-45 minutes after you consume them. Depending on the strain you consume, your trip can last from three to six hours. As mentioned, the effects are different for everyone, but what we often hear from users is that they generally feel satisfied and laugh often.

Salvia Divinorum

The best quality of Salvia divinorum products

You buy the best quality Salvia products from Avalon Magic Plants! Read on to find out why.
Salvia is considered a sacred medicine in Mexico. Fortunately, you don't have to go all the way to Mexico for it, because we also sell this goodie at Avalon. Salvia is not a well-known drug, so chances are you've never heard of it before visiting our store. Salvia is an herb sold in the form of leaves or in the form of extracts. How to use it, we'll tell you later. 

Salvia is used by shamans in Mexico. The Mazatec Indians used it in sacred rituals because of the strong hallucinations you can get from using Salvia Divinorum. We can guarantee that our Salvia extracts are 20% stronger than others, they are simply the strongest extracts available!

Magic Mushroom Growkits

Want to grow your own mushrooms?

Want to grow your own mushrooms quickly and easily? Of course you do! We have a fantastic selection of mushroom grow kits (small, medium and XL - in different varieties) that allow you to grow mushrooms from spores or completely ''plug and play''. At Avalon Magic Plants, you can also find spore syringes, spore bottles and all the other accessories you need to grow mushrooms.

Some people feel that home-grown mushrooms are just better than when you buy them somewhere else, want to test this? And we can only agree that growing your own mushrooms is a lot of fun. When you start growing mushrooms, it is essential that you have the right materials. We provide ready-made mushroom grow kits that contain everything you need to grow mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

The best magic mushroom grow kits!

Looking to grow magic mushrooms at home? We've got you covered with our range of magic mushroom grow kits. Available in small, medium, and XL sizes, we make it incredibly easy to start. Plus, find all the accessories you need, from spore syringes to bottles, right here at Avalon Magic Plants. Growing magic mushrooms is a favorite hobby for many around the world – it's fun, and some say the results are even better than what you can buy. Get everything you need to start your magic mushroom-growing adventure with us!
Mescaline cacti

Explore the world of mescaline cacti

Interested in a unique psychedelic experience? Check out our collection of mescaline cacti, including Peyote and San Pedro. These cacti are known for their potent psychoactive effects, thanks to mescaline. Perfect for those seeking deep psychedelic trips or to enhance meditation and therapy sessions. From grow kits to seeds and small cacti, we have everything you need to explore these ancient plants used in sacred rituals. Start your mescaline journey with Avalon Magic Plants today.
The world strongest Salvia Divinorum extracts

The world strongest Salvia Divinorum extracts

Salvia Divinorum offers a unique and intense psychedelic experience unlike any other. Available in dried leaves or as extracts in various strengths, our Salvia is sourced directly from Mexico to guarantee the best quality and prices. Whether you're curious about its powerful effects on consciousness or an experienced user, we have the perfect Salvia product for you. Check out our selection and prepare for an unforgettable journey.
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Do you like Magic Truffles?

Curious about magic truffles? Our selection offers different experiences based on the type and amount you choose. Effects kick in within 30-45 minutes, and depending on the variety, your adventure could last from three to six hours. Most users report feeling joyful and bursting into laughter, making it a must-try experience. Explore our range of magic truffles and find the perfect match for your mood and setting. Start your truffle adventure with us and see where it takes you!

You need some help?

About Us - Avalon Magic Plants - Since 2009

Our vision on plants and their amazing effects on the body and mind is that they can provide inspiration, relief from anxiety and many more positive effects.

Therefore we would like people to experience these effects for themselves. Though many of the products we sell are without any risk, some products require a calm environment and some knowledge prior to use. Please do your own research first so that you know what you are buying and what to expect. And of course, if there are any further questions, we are here to answer them. 

At Avalon Magic Plants we do our best to inform you and guide you through your first experience. We will make sure that we always have the best quality products. 

Please do not hesitate to ask us any question you have. We're here to inform and help you, our support team is here from monday to friday to answer your questions. We hope you enjoy surfing our website, if you have any suggestions or requests, please send us an email at info@avalonmagicplants.com

Frequently asked questions

Will my package be shipped discreetly?

We ship all our orders in plain packaging. No reference to us, nor to the content.

What is the difference between 'no tracking' shipping and tracked shipping?

No tracking shipping is the cheaper version, and it means it is shipped with regular mail like a birthday card. There is no way to track these packages and shipping can even take up to some weeks. If you want to track your order, and a faster delivery, choose the shipping option "Tracked shipping". You will receive a track number + info from us when the package is shipped. We can't guarantee the delivery when you have selected the 'no tracking' option.

How much does shipping to my country cost?

The shipping costs are calculated automatically, it varies by country and weight of the package. We only charge the shipping costs and make no profit on this, we try to do this as efficiently as possible. You can always place a trial order to see what the shipping costs will be.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

We're located in Holland. Shipping to EU countries takes somewhere between 1 and 7 working days, it depends on the country. 
Shipping to the US takes 1 and max 4 weeks, sometimes packages arrive within 1 week, but sometimes it takes 4 weeks. Your parcel may be delayed by Customs as well as by your local postal service. That's why, even though we'd like to, we cannot make any claims about an exact time-frame in which your order will arrive. Please be patient - we can't work miracles and we can't influence international postal services.

What happens if I miss my delivery because I was not at home?

Normally the delivering party will contact you if the package could not be delivered, We always recommend contacting the shipping company as soon as possible first to arrange a new delivery date, especially if you are ordering fresh produce it is important that you get it as soon as possible. If you have not been home or have not picked up your package and it is returned, we will let you know when it is back at our office.

Have you received my payment?

An international bank transfer will probably take 1 or 2 business days before it is in our bank account. We will send a payment confirmation message once we have received your payment.

Can you accept credit card, Western-Union, money-gram or Paypal payments?

No, unfortunately not. This kind of banks have blocked transactions to our bank account because they don't like the products we sell, even though they are legal in our country. For most countries, we do have enough secure payment options; you will find them in the checkout. But we do accept a lot of other payment options, which you can also find in the checkout.


This was my first purchase from the AVALON store.

This was my first purchase from the AVALON store. My first cultivation and first very pleasant encounter with magic mushrooms.

My order (not my first one) arrived relatively

My order (not my first one) arrived relatively fast but there was mold in my kits. They were immediately replaced. Super kind and quick customer service. Thank you Team!

Very good service. Instant service after payment.

Very good service. Instant service after payment. Tracking Order is present and very clear.

Habe vor einem Jahr 4 xl boxen bestellt und war mega zufrieden mit.

Habe vor einem Jahr 4 xl boxen bestellt und war mega zufrieden mit. Ich hatte vorher noch nie so viel Ertrag gehabt.

Sehr schneller Versand selbst am Wochenende, immer

Sehr schneller Versand selbst am Wochenende, immer sehr diskret, auch wenn es jetzt Stoffe sind die man nicht so einfach nach Deutschland kriegen sollte, macht es Avalon einem ziemlich einfach.

Cheaper shipping and tracking as default.

Cheaper shipping and tracking as default. For 6+ EUR tracking should be standard




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