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Frequently asked questions

Do you ship to my country?
We can ship our products to you. However we cannot and will not guarantee delivery. We do not know the legal status of our products in your country. So if customs checks the package, they might seize the content. We will not refund/resend if you do not receive your order. The risk when ordering (possible illegal) products is yours.
All orders are discreetly packaged and shipped.

Is your packaging discreet?
We ship all our orders in plain packaging. No reference to us, nor to the content.

What is the difference between 'no tracking' shipping and tracked shipping?
No tracking shipping is the cheaper version, and it means it is shipped with regular mail like a birth day card. There is no way to track these packages and shipping takes up to 4 weeks. If you want to track your order, and a faster delivery chose the shipping option “Tracked shipping”. You will receive a tracknumber + info from us when the package is shipped.

How much does shipping to my country cost?
Please do not email us and ask for shipping prices, these vary per country and per item(s) that you want to order. We do not know all these different prices by heart. Place a test order in our shop, to check how much shipping we charge for these items.

How long will it take before i receive my order?
We're located in Holland. Shipping to EU countries takes somewhere between 4 and 9 working days.
Shipping to the US takes 2, max 3 weeks. Sometimes packages arrive within 1 to 2 weeks, but sometimes it takes 4 weeks, Your parcel may be delayed by Customs as well as by your local postal service. That's why, even though we'd like to, we cannot make any claims about an exact time-frame in which your order will arrive.Please be patient - we can't work miracles and we can't influence international postal services.

Can I cancel my order after making a payment?
This really depends on how fast you make the order and inform us that it has been cancelled. If you make the order and pay for it the chance is big that the order is being send before we are able to read your cancelation e-mail. We therefore cannot guarantee that the order will be cancelled. Once send it's with the postal service and we are unable to retreive the package. Please always make sure that all the details in your order are correct and that you 100% want to place the order and receive it before making any payments. 

Do I have to cancel a order when I haven't paid for it and are not planning to pay for it in the future?
No, you can always place ''test'' orders. Only the ones paid for get send. The old order remain in your order history but this will not cause any harm for your future orders. 
You can always test and see what the full order would cost or if the items you wish to order are available in your country. 
If you place a order and you use your points but in the end do not wish to pay for the order, please contact customer service to help retreive your points. 

What happens if I miss my delivery because I was not at home?
We first always suggest to contact the shipping company as soon as possible to set up a new delivery date. Especially when ordering fresh products it's important to have them with you as soon as possible. If you have been lacking in being at home or have not picked up your package and it's being send back it will be at own risk. We can inform you when it has returned to our office and re-send it if it contains non fresh items. If by example you have ordered truffles and have not picked up your package or the delivery company has tried to deliver but you were not at home we will not re-send or replace the items. 

Which company will deliver my order?
We ship all our orders with PostNL (Spain, Portugal, USA) und SKYNET (Germany, Luxemburg,Austria), they ship it to your country and in your country a local postal company takes care of delivery.
Example: in Spain it can be MRW, Correos, SEUR or TNT Spain. In the US however only USPS takes care of delivery. So if you have a track number, you can contact USPS with the track number as reference, once it has passed through customs. Please check the track number we have send to you frequently, to make sure they do NOT ship it back to us in case they could not deliver it.

Do you have express shipping?
No, we do not have this shipping option. So please do not ask us to make an exception for you.

What is stealth shipping?
For real small items like cannabis seeds and salvia extracts, you can chose the shipment option “stealth shipping”. This means we take out the products out of original (breeder) packaging and ship it (crush proof) stealth mode. This method raises the chance of receiving the goods in good order. We strongly recommend this shipment method for our US customers. We do not charge extra for this service we offer you.

Are the products legal in my country?
We do not know your local laws about our products. We advice you to check this yourself before placing an order. We can not be held responsible for packages that are confiscated by your customs.

Have you received my payment?
An international bank transfer will probably take 2 to 3 business days before it is in our bank account. The same goes for the Globalwebpay. We will send a payment confirmation message once we have received your payment. We will inform you once we have received your payment.

Will a mushroom grow box survive the trip to my country?
A mushroom grow box should be able to survive a postal trip of 3 to 4 weeks, BUT we cannot and will not guarantee fresh and save delivery. If it is summer in your country and the box has been exposed to heat, the mycelium might get contaminated. Please keep this in mind when ordering these (fresh) products from our shop. 95% of the boxes have survived the trips around the globe :)

What is my guarantee when a kit is damaged? 

Please note that buying this product requires some skills and the exact instructions need to be followed. The instructions are not added in the package due to the ''descreet shipping'' we promise our customers. All the instructions can be found on the left bottom side of our page, the copelandia instructions on the page on the product with a video as well. If you have any doubts on which instructions to follow, please contact our support. All fresh growboxes must be set up right away upon arrival. Boxes send to countries outside of the EU will not be replaced if damaged. This is due to the longer shipping time. If you have any issues, please contact us within the 5 weeks, we might be able to give some tips and tricks. If you follow other instructions then we suggest we cannot give any guarantee on the quality of the kits. The kits are a little piece of nature in a box and they don’t respond to deadlines and are each their own. The kits need to be set up right away and can take up to 5 weeks to grow. 

Always make sure you work with gloves , face mask and clean fresh air and water when working with these kits. We are not held accountable for any infections that are in the kit when there has not been a clean working space. The kits should never be touched with bare hands and never breathed in directly without face masks. We only send replacements for kits when they arrive broken / molded or if they never start growing. If the kit gets molded after soaking we are not responsible anymore. Make sure to always keep the cardboard box the growkit came in, it has the batch numbers that we would need for a guarantee if the growkit is damaged. Keep in mind that we don't replace kits at all during summer, due to the higher temperatures. We also only send replacements for all our growkits once. You can choose between a refund or a re-send. 

Is my grow box contaminated?
A mushroom grow box contains living mycelium. Sometimes the mycelium can get contaminated due to factors, like heat, other bacteria infecting it etc. See the picture what contaminated grow box looks like. So if your box looks like this (green,black mold in it, it is definitely contaminated.If you have doubts, please contact us, tell us how you operated the mycelium box and include pictures, so we can give you advise. All boxes we ship out contain fully grown mycelium and are in good condition obviously. If you experience any issues with your growkit please contact us within 2 months. After the 2 month mark we are unable to get back any lab results to check the batches. 

How much will my grow box yield?
The yield will vary per strain and more important on the conditions in which you grow the box. Ideal temperature is 22-26 degrees celsius (day and night), minimum 12 hours of light per day (do NOT give it 24 hours of light per day!) and put a layer of water on the bottom of the filter bag to ensure maximum humidity. We cannot guarantee that you will get 400 grams of fresh mushrooms. It is not a can of soup which is produced in a factory, it is mycelium, a living material and a product of mother nature. Treat the box right, and she will treat you right :)

I have made the transaction for my order, do I have to send the transaction details or proof of payment? 
Only if you have done a transaction with a Crypto currency you have to send us the details, so we are able to find your payment in our wallets. For normal bank wire transfers we are able to find your payment by order number, or when you are not able to mention an order number, by name. But, when you have not received an status update from us after two days, please let us know the transaction details. (it can happen that your bank has not mentioned your name or order number. 

Can you accept credit card, Western-Union, money-gram or Paypal payments? 
No, unfortunately not. This kind of banks have blocked transactions to our bank account because don't like the products we sell, even that they are just legal in our country. 

Do you have receipes or manuals for making Ayahuasca? 
No, we just have the herbs that can be used for an Ayahuasca brew. We can't and may not give information for making an Ayahuasca brew. 
Making the brew is at own risk.

Could you tell us how much the dosage is for some products? 
When we have no information about the dosage in our product discription, we don't have information about how to use. 
We sell the products but when it comes to consuming our products it is always at own risk. 

The summer time or higher temperatures
When the temperatures become higher, we can't guarantee the freshness of the products. The packages will be shipped with normal post companies and there is no cooling equipment. 
So when an order is a few days on the road and for example with temperatures above the 25 degrees, it may happen that it isn't fresh anymore when it will arrive at your country.