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Sold-OUT! Salvia Divinorum Cutting Sold-OUT!

We don't know when the Salvia cuttings are back in stock. Please don't ask us for it, we don't know when they will come back. 

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It’s very difficult to grow Salvia divinorum from seeds, so if you want to cultivate your own plant you have to start with a salvia cutting. Avalon's Salvia Divinorum Cuttings are shipped in strong, plastic tubes. The roots of the Salvia cutting are placed in nutritious agar.

 We don't know when the Salvia cuttings are back in stock. Please don't ask us for it, we don't know when they will come back. 


This Salvia Divinorum Cutting needs a larger growing habitat than the tube it is delivered in. So after receiving this cutting you have to replant it directly. For this you need a jar, a transparent plastic bag (a zip bag works well) and some soil.

- Take the Salvia divinorum cutting from the tube and remove the agar (gel) completely from the roots with somewhat warm water.

- Remove also the lower salvia divinorum leaves.

- Put the salvia divinorum cutting with the roots into the soil, and water lightly.

- Then put the plastic bag over the container to increase humidity. Tighten the bag with a rubber band and place the plant in a warm (20 ° C) and light place, but not in the sun! To remove the bag once every 3-4 days and spray the plant is the best way to keep it moist. After about one week you will notice new growth.

- After three weeks the salvia plant is growing well. Now you can choose to keep the salvia divinorum plant in a moist environment ("humidity tent") or to slowly harden the plant into 'living room' conditions. This can be done by punching 1 or 2 holes in the bag each day. This way you gradually bring down the humidity. When black edges appear on the leaves this is often due to a (too) low humidity. In the beginning the new growth is often thin. By topping the plant a stronger and bushier plant can be obtained.


When purchasing Salvia Divinorum Cuttings, it is usually best to purchase the most potent grade of leaf that you can afford. This is especially true if the leaves will be smoked, because the more potent the leaves are, the less smoke you will need to inhale.

Even you can grow your own salvia divinorum plant with the cuttings you purchase. Since it can be propagated easily from a small salvia cutting, you may be able to get a free plant if you Buy Salvia divinorum cutting. Salvia divinorum is a relatively easy plant to grow, Growing your own salvia plants and harvesting the leaves in a respectful manner is particularly meaningful to people who think of the plant as a sacred entity, To grow and care for one's own plants creates a mutually nurturing relationship, one that engenders a sense of respect for the plant as a living organism another advantage of growing the plant by your own is that you will have a constant supply of leaves that can be consumed in the traditional way: fresh, which is one of the safest and most rewarding methods for using this herb. but if you don't now anything about growing plants or botanic, or you don't have the time to growing and care for plants, you can buy Salvia divinorum plants. This is the only way to propagate the sage because the Salvia divinorum plant doesn't produce fertile seeds, that's extremely rare. For reasons not well understood, the plant almost never produces them (even when carefully hand pollinated). You are unlikely to find them offered for sale anywhere.

Salvia divinorum seeds have a very low rate of germination and often the seedlings do not survive. Typically, one can expect no more than thirty percent of a batch of seeds to germinate, and only about seventy percent of those that germinate are likely to develop into healthy plants. That's why the Salvia divinorum cuttings are the best way to crate a plant by your own.

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Sold-OUT! Salvia Divinorum Cutting Sold-OUT!
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