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Smono No 3 Bubble edition



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Smono No 3 Bubble edition

The Smono 3 has a self-contained convection heating system. The heated steam is passed through the stainless steel herb chamber to gently extract the desired substances from the herb and to produce soft steam. With the contained quartz glass chamber oils and waxes can also be evaporated efficiently. Its case is equipped with a pleasantly soft soft touch surface.

Despite its small size it has some great features.

The glass mouthpiece shows by coloured LEDs whether the Smono 3 is heating (red) or already ready for use (green).

This Bubble special edition contains a water filter. Fill it from above until the water reaches just above the lower hole inside the filter. This keeps the air tube inside the filter free and the steam is filtered through the water. The filter is put on instead of the mouthpiece. The result is pure and cool vapor.

This small power package also comes with an automatic switch-off function after 4 minutes of non-use.

The Smono 3 only needs 3 operating buttons. One on/off switch, one ""-"" and one ""+"". - button to adjust the temperature to the desired degree.

The vaporizer is fully charged in less than 2 hours via USB cable and has a stepless temperature regulation between 170°C and 210°C. The vaporizer can be used as a vaporizer or as a vaporizer.

To change from Fahrenheit to Celsius simply press the on/off switch and the "-" button simultaneously for approx. 3 seconds.

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Smono No 3 Bubble edition

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