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13 Dec 2018


What's all the fuss about ayahuasca? We will tell you about what it is and how it works. All over th...

how cbd can improve your sex life
12 Dec 2018

How CBD can improve your sex life

There are multiple things that can affect your sex life. CBD is one of those things. It can help i...

advantages cbd oil
11 Dec 2018

The pro's of CBD oil

The use of CBD oil is on the rise! But what is CBD oil and what kind of health benefits does it ha...

difference between truffles and magic mushrooms
10 Dec 2018

The difference between truffles and magic mushrooms

Truffles and magic mushrooms both are similar to each other and both are in possession of a spacy...

salvia divinorum
6 Dec 2018

What is Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia Divinorum, which literally means fortune-telling sage, is a powerful, haunting herb that belo...

losing weight
5 Dec 2018

Losing weight with Stacker 2 Black Burn

Stacker 2 is a legend when is comes to the best fat burners ever. The Stacker 2 Black Burn is a ha...

smoking accessories
4 Dec 2018

These are the smoking accessories you should have

These days you find many gadgets and tools to make your smoking sessions easier, more amusing and us...

what do you use a bong for
26 Nov 2018

What do you use a bong for?

A bong is used for smoking marijuana and hash. The bong is a kind of shisha wich comes from the Mi...

how to use lsa seeds
21 Nov 2018

How to use LSA seeds?

LSA seeds are exotic seeds with lysergic acid amide as a working substance. The seeds can be grown l...

capsule machine
20 Nov 2018

How does a capsule machine work?

Chewing or swallowing herbs or seeds aren’t always the tastiest ways to consume. For some herbs or...

cbd producten
19 Nov 2018

All you need to know about CBD products

Have you ever heard of CBD products and about the use of the different products? If you want to know...

5 tips to get more energized
15 Nov 2018

5 tips to get energized

To boost your energy level, you can drink a cup of coffee like many other people, but not everybody ...

what is mycelium
14 Nov 2018

What is mycelium and what does it do?

Are you familiar with mycelium, but don’t you know exactly what it is or what the effects are? In ...

what are aphrodisiac herbs
13 Nov 2018

What are aphrodisiac herbs?

Aphrodisiac herbs have a libido-increasing effect that works for both men and women! The word aphrod...

what is ayahuasca
12 Nov 2018

What is ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a mixture of various plants, which originally comes from the Amazon. The main ingredien...