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Damiana extract 10:1 - 3g - Turnera Diffusa

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Damiana extract 20X - 3g - Turnera Diffusa

La Damania a un effet relaxant , donne un high relaxant, et un léger aphrodisiaque efficace. Les effets ont une durée de 1 a 2 heures.
Cet extrait est 10 fois plus puissant que l'herbe séchée 1 gramme d'extrait = 10 grammes de feuilles.

Mettre 0,5 a 1 gramme dans une tasse et laisser infuser 5 minutes dans l'eau chaude. Boire le thé » heure a 1 heure avant l'effet désiré, de préférence a jeun. On peut également avaler la poudre directement.

Ne pas prendre régulièrement en cas de problèmes hépatiques ou urinaires.

Damiana acts as a relaxing and mild but effective aphrodisiac that produces a euphoric high. Damiana herb is an aphrodisiac that increases vitality, in higher doses it also provides a relaxing, mild high, which goes on for approximately 2 hours. The damiana herbs (Tunera Afrodisiaca) are dried leaves of a shrub from the tropical regions of America. The damiana has been used by the Aztecs against impotence and by the Mayans as a stimulant. The plant was also used for healing purposes by other Indian tribes who made tea from it. The damiana herb has various potential applications and many qualities. For us, the damiana is very popular because of its psychoactive effects and the active “high”. 1 gram of Damiana 20X extract equals 20 grams of herb.

Effect of Damiana Extract 20X
Damiana has ingredients which directly stimulate the nerves of the genital organs and relaxes the muscles. In short, the damiana herb is a sexual stimulant, which produces a soft high. It is a relaxing and subtle aphrodisiac. It increases blood circulation to the genitals. The ingredients in damiana stimulate the senses. Regular use of damiana over time contributes to powerful erections in men, and hormonal balance in women.

How to use of Damiana Extract 20X
The Damiana extract 20x is 20 times stronger than the normal (cut) Damiana. When using the extract, use 1/20 of what you would use with the normal Damiana. Take half to one gram Damiana extract, pour hot water over it and let the brew steep for 5 minutes. Drink this tea half an hour to one hour before you want the effect. For the best effect, drink the Damiana tea on an empty stomach. You can also take Damiana extract powder directly.

Do not use Damiana if you suffer from liver or urinary tract diseases.
Although unproven, frequent use of damiana in large amounts may cause liver damage. More than 1 cup per day for long periods of time is not recommended.
Not suitable for people under 18. Store in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children.

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Damiana extract 10:1 - 3g - Turnera Diffusa

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