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Ginseng 20 gram - Panax Ginseng


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Ginseng 20 gram (Panax Ginseng) powder

Ginseng is a herb from China and has been used for many years to increase vitality and to protect against symptoms of aging. In China, the medicinal effect of ginseng was first documented in Shennong bencaojing ("Shennong's book on roots and herbs"), a classic work on herbs and their use. 

It wasn’t until the 18th century that the effectiveness of ginseng was also recognized in the West, and subsequently a large number of studies were conducted in the field of botany, chemistry, pharmacology and therapeutic applications. 

A natural adaptogen

Ginseng has various effects on the human body. For instance, as an adaptogen, it helps the body and mind to more easily adapt to stressful situations. It has also been shown that ginseng helps fight fatigue and give us more energy. A four-week study explored the effects of administering 1 or 2 grams of Panax ginseng or a placebo to 90 people with chronic fatigue. Those who received Panax ginseng experienced less physical and mental fatigue, as well as reductions in oxidative stress, than those who took the placebo.

Ginseng is also often used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It it believed that the compounds it contains can protect against oxidative stress in blood vessels and tissues in the penis and help restore normal function. Also, a study has shown that ginseng can promote the production of nitric oxide, a compound that improves muscle relaxation in the penis and increases blood circulation.

But that’s not all. Below you will find a list of some of the medicinal effects of ginseng:

  • It supports physical and mental well-being and helps you to find or keep your balance in stressful situations.
  • It improves cognitive function.
  • It reduces the risks of certain diseases
  • It can increase libido and fertility
  • It supports normal concentration and a clear mind.
  • It supports energetic alertness and energy.
  • It contributes to the body's natural defenses and immune system.
  • It has a positive effect on blood pressure
  • It contains steroid-like substances, also called ginsenosides.

Cultivation and use of ginseng

The cultivation requires a lot of professional knowledge and patience. The ginseng is grown in the shade on suitable humus-rich soil. The wild ginseng also only grows in the shade in forests. The root can be harvested after a minimum of three growing years, but the older the plant, the better the quality of the root. Because of the difficulty of cultivating ginseng, powders such as ours are often a better choice for people wanting to improve their health. 

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Ginseng 20 gram - Panax Ginseng

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