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Loyalty Points


Every time you make a purchase on Avalon you earn points. These points can be used with future purchases at Avalon. You can also earn points for writing a review, share stories with us or sending us great photo's or pictures. The more you spend at Avalon the more you points earn.


For each Euro you spend in our shop on products (not on shipping costs), you will be awarded with 5 Avalon Points (worth 5% of your total order, ex shipping costs). Earn 100 points you get 1 Euro discount.


Here is an example:

You purchase a vaporizer for 100 euros. When the order is paid for, you will receive 500 points in your Avalon Account, for free :). These 500 points will give you €5 discount with your next order.


Write a review about your purchased products, and you get another 100 points. Write a Trip Report and you can earn up to 2.000 points!


Hey, it's free so why not start earning Avalon Points right now!


Earn points as you complete activities

Make a purchase - 5 points per €1

Recommend us - 250 points

Account - 10 points

Write a review - 100 points