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A bong is a small, water pipe that can be used to smoke marijuana or hash. A bong primarily stands out thanks to its thick pipe. This allows for additional smoke to be contained, which results in a quick, strong effect. As a beginner, you only must take one or two hits from a bong in order to become substantially stoned. Do you want to buy a bong? If so, then Avalon Magic Plants is the right place for you.

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Where do bongs come from?

The bong and the water pipe originally came from China and the Middle East. The water pipe has been used there since the 16th century to smoke tobacco, primarily by nobility and rich citizens. They used more expensive, metal bongs. “Commoners” later discovered how bongs were made, except that they used bongs made of bamboo. You can find bongs everywhere these days, including in the Netherlands. In western countries, it is often the younger generation that uses bongs and water pipes, while the opposite is true for eastern countries.

At Avalon Magic Plants, your options include glass and acrylic bongs.

How do you use a bong?

Nowadays, a bong is nearly always used to smoke soft drugs, such as hash and weed. However, you can use a bong to smoke tobacco as well. First, you fill the bong with water and load the hash/weed into the bowl. Sometimes, a metal mesh screen is used to prevent the bong from becoming clogged. Next, you place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale to draw a hit from the tobacco. The smoke moves through the hollow pipe and rises out of the water. The smoke will be clearly visible in the bong. If you remove your finger from the carb at the bottom of the tube, you can breathe the smoke in all at one time.

It is completely normal if you cough after inhaling the smoke: this happens to both beginners and experienced users. However, the bong does have advantages over other types of smoking. You can inhale more smoke per hit, which allows you to achieve the desired effect more quickly. You can also add alcohol to the water, which gives the smoke a different flavour.

Do you want to order a bong, but still have questions? Please feel free to contact us: our staff will be happy to help you.