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Dream herbs

Dreaming helps you process things that you take note of, such as certain things you experience throughout your day. These dreams also keep your brain alert. However, not everyone dreams every night and not every dream is spectacular. Is this how you want it to be, though? Our dream herbs can help you guide your own dreams! In several cultures, dreams are considered a way of communicating with the spirits of our ancestors. By leaving the body, you allow the spirit freedom to travel to a different level of your consciousness. Review our entire selection of dream herbs below. A whole new world will open up before you at night!

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Using dream herbs

Right before you go to sleep, you can make an herbal tea with dream herbs. We recommend doing this on as empty a stomach as possible, so you can get the most out of your lucid dreams. Is the tea too bitter for you? You can make it sweeter by adding sugar or honey. There are a number of herbs that are used differently, such as the African Dream Root. You mix these herbs with sugar, which results in a foam. You consume this foam until you feel bloated. All you need to do is read the package to learn how to best take the dream herb that you order.


The effects of dream herbs

The exact effects of our dream herbs vary from person to person. Some people have clear, fun dreams, while others have exciting, active dreams. Are you already familiar with lucid dreaming? This means that you are aware that you are dreaming. This allows you complete control: you can do whatever you want. That is quite appealing for many people, because anything is possible!


Advice when using dream herbs

The use of dream herbs thankfully does not come with many drawbacks. It is important that you never take more than the recommended amount. If you typically eat a lot at night, dream herbs can have a drawback. You must take them on an empty stomach. This isn’t really a huge problem, because you get amazing dreams in return! Do you have more questions about our dream herbs? Please feel free to contact us!