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Have you lost some of the magic in the bedroom? Are you looking to experience a special evening with your partner? That is all possible with the aphrodisiacs in our web shop which are known for their sexually stimulating effects. These items improve blood flow in the genitals and create the right balance of hormones. They can be used by both men and women!

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Our aphrodisiac selection

The differences in aphrodisiacs are apparent in their chemical structure and method of use as well as how natural the stimulants are.

  • Chemical structure: each aphrodisiac varies in its active ingredients. This means that each stimulant creates a different sensation than the others.
  • Method of use: the method by which the stimulant is ingested can be a powder, liquid or pill.
  • Natural properties: several aphrodisiacs are currently used in everyday life, such as strawberries and chocolate. On the other hand, some are only available at specific shops like Avalon Magic Plants.


How do aphrodisiacs work?

Aphrodisiacs increase sexual interest and make the sex act itself more intense. This applies to both the mental and physical components. Many aphrodisiacs also have a relaxing effect, which can make sex much more enjoyable. When taking an aphrodisiac, substances are released which are absorbed into the blood and then processed by the brain. This impacts your hormone production. For instance, more hormones will be created that increase sexual interest. A half hour after taking the stimulant, the product will begin to work and will last for roughly a few hours. This means that even after a round in the bedroom, you may still be interested in sex.

Do you have more questions about how our aphrodisiacs work or do you want to know more about our entire selection? If so, please feel free to contact us!