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Magic truffle growkit

Magic Truffles Growkit

Dear customer, the outside egg is not avalible at the moment. This is not needed for the growth of the truffles.
Please check the instructions for the updated way for the growth of these boxes.

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How does the truffle grow kit work?

The truffle grow kit is made to ensure the perfect full growth and harvest of sclerotia. It actually works quite simply:

The grow kit should be left at room temperature for at least 4 weeks, however, you can let the truffles grow for up to 20 weeks. The ideal temperature is between 21 and 23 degrees. Make sure there is no direct sunlight on the truffle grow kit. After a few weeks, you will see the truffles grow. 
Use a colander for harvesting: Empty the container into a colander and rinse it clean with tap water. The substrate comes off the truffles slowly; you can help a little by washing the truffles with your hands.
If you don't use all the truffles at once, store them in the fridge. They will keep for at least two weeks.
 Now you have the freshest and most powerful magic truffles you have ever tasted! Preferably use them within three days!

Also, keep the truffles out of direct sunlight while they are developing, and don't store them in places where there are a lot of harmful temperature fluctuations. These are the most important rules for a great psychedelic trip.