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Magic Truffles Growkit

Dear customer, the outside egg is not avalible at the moment. This is not needed for the growth of the truffles.
Please check the instructions for the updated way for the growth of these boxes.
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Product 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result:1

How does the truffle grow kit work?

The truffle grow kit is made to guarantee the perfect maturity and harvest of the sclerotia. It actually works very simply:

-Remove the lid from the box and leave for three days with a clean tea towel over it. You will see that the truffles grow, because they suddenly get a lot of oxygen. This later decreases.

-After three days, put the contents of the box in a clean colander.

-Rinse until you are left with only the truffles and dry them.

-You now have super fresh truffles that you can eat immediately. If you still want to store them, do this (no longer than 3 weeks) in a cool and dark place!

-In addition, keep the truffles out of direct sunlight during development and do not store them in places where there are many harmful temperature fluctuations. These are the main rules for a great psychedelic trip.