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Great party, right? Maybe it was a little too great? Unfortunately, a nasty hangover sometimes follows a fun night out. Alternatively,  you may have to recover from a trip that was too intense (or bad) the next day. Want to do something with your day? Review this page for a look at our range of Afterparty products.

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Get rid of that hangover fast!

Those who have had a hangover know how great it feels once it’s gone. Don’t you hate that nauseated, dried-out feeling and the headache? Luckily, there are hangover cures, like the products in our web shop. These items break down the alcohol in your body more quickly—sometimes even 55% faster! With your natural breakdown processes accelerated, you’ll feel better faster and can get on with your day.

Just be sure that you have the hangover cure on hand before the party, because these pills are best taken with water before you go to bed.  After all, it makes sense to drink more water after you’ve been drinking alcohol, because your body dries out faster. You can take the pills earlier, but you must make sure that you don’t drink any alcohol afterwards.


Feeling better after drugs

Certain drugs have a significant impact on your serotonin levels. After taking these drugs, you are euphoric, but several days later, you can feel depressed due to serotonin depletion. There are various products you can take to bring the levels back up, such as L-tryptophan. This can cure your “drug hangover”.

If you had a bad trip, it makes sense to try and calm yourself down with the help of our products (this works better if someone sober is around to help you relax). A bad trip won’t suddenly disappear, but you can accelerate the breakdown process of the drug. Use this page to help you choose. We offer items such as the mushroom stopper, which you can use if you had a bad shroom trip.

Be sure to read the product descriptions for the hangover cures and the other products, so that you know exactly what it is intended for. Always read the insert and instructions as well, so that you can use our products safely. Do you have any more questions? Feel free to contact us!

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