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Coca tea

We offer a wide variety of herbal tea types, each with a different effect. Our web shop’s coca tea is extremely popular. When you ingest this herb, your stamina increases, and your respiratory function improves. It also regulates your glucose levels. Are you curious about this tea? Review our selection below!

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Where does mate de coca come from?

Have you ever heard of mate de coca? This is an herbal tea made from the leaves of the Peruvian coca plant. The Incas considered this to be a magical drink. Coca is a plant that only grows at high altitude in the north western area of South America. Coca is often consumed as a tea in Peru and Bolivia. Miners frequently use it as well and it is often used to cure altitude sickness. After plucking the coca leaves, they are dried and ground into a powder. What makes mate de coca unique is that this powder contains no other ingredients, unlike mate de coca tea bags. When you order this powder from Avalon Magic Plants, you will receive all-natural, finely ground coca leaves from Peru.


The effects of coca tea

Coca tea tastes delicious and it is a refreshing beverage. It also has a stimulant effect. If you drink several cups of coca tea per day, you will quickly notice your stamina increasing. This will result in you feeling fitter throughout your day.


Ordering coca tea at Avalon Magic Plants

Coca tea can be ordered easily from the Avalon Magic Plants web shop. The advantage of our web shop is that you earn points with every order, so that you can save with interesting discounts and even get free products! Review our selection and place an order online. If you have any questions about the use and effects of coca tea, you can always contact us.