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Spore bottles

Do you want to grow shrooms from spores? You need one of our spore bottles then! We provide various types of dropper bottles that you can easily do it with. Don’t have much experience growing shrooms? If that’s the case, we recommend ordering a complete grow kit at our web shop. This will allow you to get to work as soon as you receive your kit, including instructions. Our spore bottles are perfect for experienced users and due to that reasons we are unable to replace or refund any of our spores so please keep that in mind. Be sure that all the materials you work with are sterile. Are you curious about more tips? Read on!

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Spore bottles, shoots and prints

Allow us to share some more information with you about using our spore bottles. The contents of these dropper bottles will grow quickly in a variety of substrates and can be grown at temperatures of 15 degrees or higher. For the best results (large, 30cm mushrooms), nutrient-rich soil, such as compost or grains, is required. Our spore bottles contain 10ml of spore solution. They always come with instructions, along with alcohol wipes and a sterile syringe. In addition to these spore bottles, Avalon Magic Plants offers spore prints and spore syringes. Are you looking for other shroom accessories? If so, take a look at our growing equipment, which includes filter bags and face masks available for order.


Ordering spore bottles at Avalon Magic Plants

Our spore bottles can easily be ordered online at our web shop. Are you placing an order of more than 50 euros? If so, we will ship the product for free. You will also save points, which you can use to earn discounts and order free products. Do you want to know more about our selection or do you have questions about using our spore bottles? Please feel free to contact us!