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XL mushroom grow kit

For a true lover of homegrown shrooms looking for big-batch kits, we offer XL mushroom grow kits. These psychedelic mushrooms set off all your senses and open up brand-new experiences! Now, grow them at home with these extra-large grow kits. Since the end of 2023 we have our trusted Mondo growkits back in our range.

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Enough shrooms for more than enough trips

These XL shroom grow kits yield large quantities of mushrooms that you can use yourself. Please keep in mind that due to the bigger boxes the mycelium will need about 5 weeks to grow it's first flush. The 2100cc set gets you up to 800 grams of shrooms! 10 to 15 grams is recommended per trip, which means that you will have plenty left over. 

Important to know

Keep the cardboard boxes the growkits came in with the bags etc or make a picture of the sticker on the outside. This contains the batch number. This number is important and counts as a receipt for our supplier if anything goes wrong with the box. They will need it to be able to send a replacement. Without the batch number we will be unable to replace or refund the box. This counts only for boxes that have no growth after the 5 weeks mark. Don't forget that these are fresh items and they need to be set up right away upon arrival. They activate when they are outside of the fridge so they need soaking right away upon arrival. Boxes that have arrived broken during shipping will be replaced. Boxes send anywhere outside of Europe will not be replaced due to the longer shipping time. This is at own risk! 

What is in an XL grow kit?

All our grow kits are all-in-one sets. This means that they contain everything you need to grow magic mushrooms. They include substrate and growing bags but no instructions due to descreet shipping. You can also grow a wide variety of shrooms, some of which have different care needs than the others. For example, the Cambodian XL is less sensitive to infection, which poses less of risk of failed harvest than in other types of magic mushrooms. Please know that they all need to be set up right away after receiving them.

The purchase and sale of magic mushrooms is prohibited in the Netherlands, but grow sets are entirely legal to buy. Growing shrooms at home is also allowed. Place your order easily online and save up for appealing discounts! Do you have questions about our grow kits or other products in our selection? Please feel free to contact us!

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