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Herbal extracts

Herbs can have very different effects. For example, there are herbs that increase your energy as well as herbs that help you relax or increase your interest sex. Herbal extracts are actually the active substances from herbs, which result in an effect that is purer (and often more powerful). As such, herbal extracts essentially do the same things that the herbs themselves do, but they do it more quickly and powerfully. That means that you don’t need as much of them as you would if you were to smoke or chew the leaves.

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The effects of herbal extracts

The kinds of effects that you’ll feel largely depends on the herb type. Some of them provide a mild high, while others have a euphoric or relaxing effect. For this reason, be sure to carefully read the information we provide on our selection of extracts, so that you know what to expect. It is also important that you read the insert thoroughly, because not all extracts can be used in certain situations, e.g. if you are taking certain medications. Some extracts enhance the effects of blood thinners or counteract insulin inhibition, so be sure that you read thoroughly about the risks associated with specific herbs before you use them.

How do you use extracts?

Most extracts are powders. You can use these to make an herbal tea. However, the way that you prepare them largely depends on the extract you choose. In some cases, they are even used in conjunction with alcohol, such as with absinthe. Pay particular attention to dosages, because you can easily use too much of an extract without being aware of it.

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