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Buying pipes

Avalon Magic Plants is the perfect place to find all different kinds of pipes. When compared to a cigarette or joint, using a pipe is considered a classier way to smoke. It’s better in a lot of ways: it adds a personal touch and some flair to the practice. Our pipes are primarily made for tobacco, while our marijuana pipes, as the name suggests, are specially made for other types of smokable products. Review our selection below.

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Different types of pipes

Wooden pipes with different motifs used to be common on the market, but they are not as common any more. Metal pipes are much more popular now. They are more affordable, and they can easily be made in a variety of colours. A lot must be done to a wooden pipe before it becomes a good pipe. When you compare the process to that of a metal pipe, the latter is much easier. Furthermore, these pipes can be taken apart without much effort, which means that they can be cleaned more thoroughly. Wooden and metal pipes aren’t your only options though: acrylic and stone pipes are available as well. The great thing about this is that they often have beautiful patterns. This also makes them more expensive. The only drawback is that they are more difficult to clean.

Marijuana pipe vs. regular pipe

Marijuana pipes are far less well known than standard pipes. In general, marijuana pipes are used to smoke things like their namesake without the need to add tobacco. This means you get to smoke the pure, unadulterated substance. This is useful if you are tired of adding tobacco. In terms of materials, marijuana pipes are more heat resistant than normal pipes, because smokable products other than tobacco tend to have a higher combustion temperature.

Buying the right pipe for you

Do you want to buy a pipe? If so, it is important that you choose the right one for you, so that you may use it all the time. This is no cigarette: you won’t be throwing it away after you use it once. Our head shop offers a variety of pipes in all different sizes, so you are sure to find a pipe that meets your preferences. Do you have any questions about our selection or how to use our pipes? Please feel free to contact us!