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Energy herbs

Many young people undergo a lot of stress these days. Everyone is busy with work, maintaining social lives and you have to keep up with all of your social media, too. Drinking coffee often helps a little, but sometimes you need a bit more. If so, our energy herbs are the perfect solution: guaranteed 100% natural! Below, you will find our selection of various energy herbs.

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Using energy herbs

There are several ways to use energy herbs. The easiest is to make tea from them. If you place an order at our web shop, all our products contain instructions on how many teaspoons you need to make the tea. If you want to buy the herbs whole, then you can simply chew on them. These typically involve leaf and nut-like substances. When you chew on them, the active ingredients are released more quickly, which is why these are ordered often.


What are the effects?

The exact way that energy herbs work depends entirely on the active substances in the herb itself. For instance, guarana contains guaranine and caffeine, substances that are often found in energy drinks. Would you like to know which active ingredients are contained in the herb that you ordered from us? You can find all the answers on the label. We recommend familiarising yourself with the effects, because several substances do not mix well with certain medications. For example, gingko enhances the effects of blood thinners and interacts with insulin.


Our varieties of energy herbs

Our selection contains a wide variety of energy herbs, each with their own effects. Have you ever heard of ground Kola Nut? It gives you energy, but also gets you a little high. If you are looking for an herb to improve your stamina, we recommend Ginseng. Of course, all these energy herbs will give you that boost you need to get through the day. Do you have more questions about our selection? Please feel free to contact us!