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Rapé is a snuff that is primarily used by native tribes in Brazil. This substance is largely made of tobacco and sometimes contains combinations of other plants. You need a self-applicator pipe called a “kuripe” to use rapé. See our large selection below and find out whether it is something that suits you!

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Using energy rapé

You use rapé by snorting it through your nose. In our selection, you will find various tools that you can use to take rapé on your own, such as the kuripe self-applicator pipe. This pipe is shaped like a V and connects your mouth to your nose. After practicing a few times, you will be able to do it yourself with no trouble at all. It is sometimes easier if someone else is there to help you take the rapé, so that they can blow it into your nose. If you don’t like the sound of that, then the kuripe is the ideal solution. We offer a variety of these in our range of products.


Before you use rapé, we recommend thoroughly reading the insert. We would also like to provide some additional recommendations:


  • Choose the right time to use rapé. For example, don’t use it when you have a hangover.
  • Use rapé on an empty stomach.
  • Will someone else be helping you take the rapé? If so, hold your breath. After you take it, breathe out through your mouth so that the snuff does not end up in your throat.
  • Your eyes may water a little: this is normal.
  • Will you be the person helping someone else take rapé? Be sure that you do not blow too hard during the first few seconds.


What are the effects?

Taking rapé may feel like your spirit has been unleashed. You may suddenly feel free and less pessimistic. The effects differ by person and per usage, but these experiences are what is typical.


Ordering rapé online at Avalon Magic Plants

At our web shop, you can find different types of rapé as well as various pipes. These kuripes are beautiful and made from a variety of materials, such as wood and copper. Do you still have questions about our products and how to use them? Please feel free to contact us!

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