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CBD products

You may have heard about using CBD from people around you, because they have had good experiences with it. Do you also want to try CBD and are you looking for a CBD product that suits you? Review the wide range of products offered through Avalon Magic Plants! More specifically, there are various items for CBD use and you can certainly find them in our inventory. For instance, there is CBD oil (very popular), but you can also opt for CBD capsules, lip balm, e-liquids (for an e-cigarette or vaporiser) and much more. Which one suits you best?

The products on this page are also entirely legal: CBD is an entirely natural product made from the buds and leaves of the hemp plant. It does not include the psychoactive resin, which means that you benefit from high CBD content without taking in any THC. That means you can order CBD products online with no worries! Hemp seed oil is a component of many of the products. This consists of cold-pressed hemp seed, so the healthy components are retained.

CBD: the most popular health product around?

The popularity of CBD products has grown enormously the last couple of years. The compound CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the substances that are extracted from leaves and flower tops of hemp. CBD is sold as a dietary supplement and comes in many forms, including oil, capsules, crystals, skin care products and even food. And while most of the health claims regarding CBD haven't been scientifically proven yet (or approved by certain food administrations), users of the products claim it supports them in a wide variety of physical and mental problems, with some examples being stress-related complaints, problems with falling asleep and mood changes.

What are the effects of CBD?

If you use CBD, you will not get high or stoned. You may feel a little lightheaded, but not everyone is affected in this way. Most people simply feel relaxed. CBD is used for various ailments but works differently for everyone. The side effects of CBD oil are not known. However, it is known that CBD can be used by both people and animals. One of the most well-known uses of CBD is by people who think it's able to help them with their symptoms of stress and anxiety. Although no scientifical proof suggests this is actually the case, users all around the world praise CBD to being of help.

The difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil

Many people think CBD oil is illegal or that it is the same as cannabis oil. This is not the case. Weed plants and hemp plants are not the same plants but do come from the same (cannabis) family and can therefore be called both (medicinal) cannabis plants. When you read something about cannabis somewhere, it can therefore be about both hemp oil and weed oil (marijuana). The biggest and most important difference between hemp plants and weed plants is the fact that hemp plants contain no or hardly any THC and mainly CBD. Weed plants contain a lot of THC and little CBD. Oil with THC (weed oil) is not legally for sale in most parts of the world and in certain situations only available on prescription.

Will CBD make you high?

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding CBD is that it makes you high or stoned. Let us put it clearly: You will certainly not get high from CBD oil. Cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant, but is not addictive or psychoactive. It isn't mind-expanding and does not cause hallucinations. This is because of the abscence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive substance that provides a 'high' feeling and is the main ingredient when smoking cannabis or using actual weed oil.

Ordering CBD oil and more at Avalon

There is information for you to read about using every product in this category. Ordering at Avalon has additional benefits. We employ attractive shipping costs and if you place an order of more than €50, then delivery is FREE! You can also save up points on every order, which will be added to your account. With enough points, you can take advantage of some worthwhile discounts. Do you have questions about CBD products or how to use them? Please feel free to contact us!

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