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CBD products

You may have heard about using CBD from people around you, because they have had good experiences with it. Do you also want to try CBD and are you looking for a CBD product that suits you? Review the wide range of products offered through Avalon Magic Plants! More specifically, there are various items for CBD use and you can certainly find them in our inventory. For instance, there is CBD oil (very popular), but you can also opt for CBD capsules, lip balm, e-liquids (for an e-cigarette or vaporiser) and much more. Which one suits you best?

The products on this page are also entirely legal: CBD is an entirely natural product made from the buds and leaves of the hemp plant. It does not include the psychoactive resin, which means that you benefit from high CBD content without taking in any THC. That means you can order CBD products online with no worries! Hemp seed oil is a component of many of the products. This consists of cold-pressed hemp seed, so the healthy components are retained.

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Product 1 to 24 (of 24 products) Result:1

What are the effects of CBD?

If you use CBD, you will not get high or stoned. You may feel a little lightheaded, but not everyone is affected in this way. Most people simply feel relaxed. CBD is used for various ailments but works differently for everyone. The side effects of CBD oil are not known. However, it is known that CBD can be used by both people and animals.


Ordering CBD oil and more at Avalon

There is information for you to read about using every product in this category. Ordering at Avalon has additional benefits. We employ attractive shipping costs and if you place an order of more than €50, then delivery is FREE! You can also save up points on every order, which will be added to your account. With enough points, you can take advantage of some worthwhile discounts. Do you have questions about CBD products or how to use them? Please feel free to contact us!