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Aphrodisiac herbs

Do you wish you were interested in sex more often or that you could last longer? If so, try the aphrodisiac herbs from Avalon Magic Plants. These types of herbs have a libido-increasing effect that works for both men and women! The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of fertility and beauty, Aphrodite. These substances affect your hormone levers, which results in increased libido and better sexual stamina.

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Various types of herbs and effects

As you can see, there are plenty of options in this category. Carefully read the descriptions for the products, because each herb can have a different effect. For instance, Tongkat Ali is meant to increase testosterone levels in men and Maca improves your physical strength and sexual stamina (for both men and women).

Most of these herbs come in powders, which you can make tea from or mix into other beverages. There’s nothing complicated about it, just be sure to use the right amount. Be patient too, because many aphrodisiacs don't take effect right away! Therefore you should read the explanation that accompanies the herbs you choose.

What you need to know

The aphrodisiac herbs on this page can have various side effects. They can also interact with certain medications or have side effect if you have a specific illness. For instance, Tongkat Ali is not suitable for use by people with cardiovascular disease or diabetes. For this reason, ask your doctor whether you can use a certain substance beforehand, especially if you have specific medical conditions. Do you have any questions about our selection or using the herbs? Please contact our staff members!