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Global restrictions (For mushroom products only)

You will be informed at check out whether you will be able to shop our magical products. Always check the legal status of the items you are ordering, we are not up to date with all the laws outside of the netherlands and ordering is at own risk!

Restrictions Magic Mushroom products

Below you will find all restrictions regarding our magic mushroom products, including our magic mushroom grow-kits, magic truffles and growing aids.

Guarantee fresh products (growkits/truffles)

If we can send you fresh products such as truffles and growkits and your country is in Europe, you have a guarantee if the growkits or truffles arrive damaged. If we can send you fresh products outside of Europe, we unfortunately can not guarantee the items due to the long shipping time. Please keep in mind before ordering. 

The summer time or higher temperatures

When the temperatures become higher, we can't guarantee the freshness of the products. The packages will be shipped with normal post companies and there is no cooling equipment. 
So when an order is a few days on the road and for example with temperatures above the 30 degrees, it may happen that it isn't fresh anymore when it will arrive at your country. 

Country What we CAN sell What we CAN'T sell
Australia Nothing Everything
Austria Everything Nothing, you're all good!
Bahamas Nothing Everything
Belgium Everything Nothing, you're all good!
Brazil Nothing Everything
Canada Nothing Everything
Chili Nothing Everything
Czech Republic Grow-kits, spores, growing aids Magic Truffles
France Everything Nothing, you're all good!
Germany Everything Nothing, you're all good!
Greece Nothing Everything
Israel Only no tracking packages Only small items
Italy Everything Nothing, you're all good!
Jamaica Nothing Everything 
Japan Nothing exept small items in no tracking shipment Magic Truffles
Luxembourg Growing aids & tools to make your own kit Magic Truffles, Grow Kits
Nepal Nothing Everything
Netherlands Everything Nothing, you're all good!
Poland Grow-kits, spores & growing aids Magic Truffles
Portugal Everything Nothing, you're all good!
Samoa Nothing Everything
South Africa Nothing Everything
Sri Lanka Nothing Everything
Switzerland Nothing Everything
United Kingdom We don't ship to the UK Everything
United States Grow-kits, spores & growing aids (except Georgia, Idaho & California) Magic Truffles
Ukraine Spores & growing aids Magic Truffles, Grow Kits
Uruguay Nothing Everything
Virgin Islands Nothing Everything

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