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Relaxing substances

You know it all too well, the stress that comes with a busy week on the horizon. Sometimes, you don’t even want to think about all that pressure! Our relaxing substances and herbs are the perfect solution for that. When you consume relaxing herbs, you notice the difference right away. You feel more relaxed and peaceful. The herbs that can be ordered in our smart shop have been used by all kinds of indigenous peoples for years to gain more peace of mind. These herbs come from places such as China, South Africa, Brazil and the Middle East. Are you curious about our selection? Read more about all our relaxing substances here.

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Our selection of relaxing substances

In our selection, you will find a variety of relaxing substance, such as natural seeds and leaves. You will need a vaporiser, so that you can make things like herbal tea. Don’t like tea? Many of the leaves can only be chewed to achieve a relaxing effect. Other types come as herbal extracts and tinctures. For extracts, the herbs are pulverised into a powder, so that you only ingest the active ingredients. The advantage of powder is that you can consume it easily, e.g. via snorting, so the contents of the herbs are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The tinctures are more powerful concentrations in liquid form. These are used by placing a few drops underneath your tongue.

In what situations do these substances work best?

Relaxing substances give you more peace of mind, which can be handy in various situations:

  • Under pressure at work
  • Frustration with failures
  • You no longer have control of a certain situation
  • Arguments with family, friends or romantic partners
  • Difficulty sleeping

The advantage of relaxing herbs is that they don’t have any unusual side effects. Be sure that you use them in moderation—do not drink more than two cups of herbal tea per day. Do you have low blood pressure? Be aware of that, otherwise you will have a reaction to these relaxing substances.

Read the instructions beforehand

The instructions that we include clearly explain how the herbs should be consumed, down to the letter. They also indicate any potential side effects. Take note of whether there are any strange side effects, because some herbs can cause headache or make you tired. That means you shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car. Do you have any questions about using our range of products? Please feel free to contact us!