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Smart shop

The Avalon Magic Plants online smart shop offers various psychoactive substances. The contents of these substances impact your behaviour and in turn, impact your mental state. We call this part of our web shop a “smart shop”, because it contains the most “smart drugs” that we carry in our range of products. These include all different types of foods, herbs and supplements that stimulate your capacity for thought. Are you curious about our complete selection? Reviewthis page and see all the products in our smart shop.

The number 1 smart-shop around!

In search of the best smart-shop around? Well, look no further! Avalon Magic Plants is one of the biggest smart shops in the world with more than two thousand products. In our smart-shop you will find stimulating herbs, extracts, psychedelics, health products, energizers, aphrodisiacs and loads more! But that’s not all: aside from having the biggest range of products, we also have the best prices. If you haven’t yet, a simple look around on our online smartshop will (sometimes almost literally) blow your mind. 

So what do we have in store for you? Well, what don’t we?! Our online webshop is divided into several categories to make your shopping experience as comfortable as can be. In the Smart-Shop-area, we have some of the most amazing products you will ever come across. And odds are you haven’t even heard of them yet before. For instance: did you know that LSA-containing seeds named Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can give you a psychedelic experience full of visuals and changes in perception? And that is just one of the product-groups we have waiting for you!

Another popular category in our smart shop, is the ‘Psychedelic Cacti’ one. These mescaline-containing cacti were once (and still are) used in Mexico during sacred rituals, but are now gaining popularity all around the world for it’s promising health effects. These cacti - such as peyote or San Pedro - contain the hallucinogenic substance mescaline, which can give you an amazing psychedelic trip. Fun fact: these cacti are probably the oldest products we have at Avalon Magic Plants. We know that they have been used for more than 5.000 years! 

But all of these are just a small selection of all the products we have waiting for you. Add some Kanna, energizers, relaxing herbs, exotic seeds or powerful herb extracts, and you aren’t even halfway there. Why not have a look around and see what our smart shop products can do for you? 

View our extensive selection

In our smart shop, we sell countless substances that impact your behaviour or perception. These are just a few of the products you’ll find here:

  • Aphrodisiacs: this is a fancy word for supplements that increase libido and sexual appetite. We only sell natural aphrodisiacs.
  • Psychedelic seeds: these are seeds that influence your consciousness, which can result in hallucinations. We sell these for direct consumption as well as for growing.
  • Energisers: do you want to feel more energetic? These supplements are perfect for you! At Avalon Magic Plants, you have your pick of a wide selection of energisers.

Order at the Avalon Magic Plants smart shop

When you place an order at the Avalon Magic Plants online smart shop, we send you a discrete shipment. This is perfect if you want to order multiple products at the same time, so you can save on shipping costs. So, do you need more energy? Having trouble relaxing and looking for a product that can help you with that? At our smart shop, you will find plenty of interesting herbs and tablets! Do you have any questions about our selection or placing an order? Please contact our customer service department.