Ayahuasca Herbs

Our specialty is Ayahuasca herbs, almost everyone knows that! We import our Ayahuasca herbs from our trusted vendors in South America since 2009, so we can always guarantee the quality. Every month we import new batches so we can also guarantee that our Ayahuasca herbs are always fresh. The most Ayahuasca herbs grown and come from plantations, no forests are cut down for our products. Buy Ayahuasca herbs from Avalon and you are sure that you have good products and good service for a fair price! 

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The effects of ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a very special and strong drug which can generate many different effects and experiences. Most people experience a very meditative or spiritual experience with many strong and deep thoughts. For example, you get insights about your part in this world, the true nature of nature and how you can be the best possible person. Many people call the experience with ayahuasca a "spiritual awakening" or "rebirth."


Some people also experience a kind of contact with spiritual souls. These souls will tell all kinds of wisdoms or even have healing powers. In short, ayahuasca creates an intense trip with all kinds of spiritual experiences. These experiences are different for every individual, however chances are very high that you feel like  a different person after using ayahuasca.


Use of ayahuasca

In comparison with many other drugs, ayahuasca is not a drug that you can use easily. Many Shamans and experienced users recommend to not use Ayahasca without a Shaman. Most people only drink ayahuasca when they are in the Amazon or when they are on a vacation and visit a Shaman.

But watch out, because not every Shaman is what he pretends he is. Some people pretend to be a Shaman to convince tourists to drink ayahuasca with them. Real Shamans think that the fake Shamans do this to steal the energy of the tourists.


Ayahuasca is a mix of various plants. The main ingredient is Liana Banisteriopsis caapi. However, the remaining ingredients can differ with each Shaman. Ayahuasca always contains MAO inhibitors, which causes the spiritual experiences. Sometimes, there are plants like tobacco or cannabis added to the ayahuasca. However, we do not recommend this unless you are an experienced user.


Risks of ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a harmless product If you use it under the supervision of an experienced Shaman and do not exceed the maximum amount. Anyway, there are no addictive effects discovered from the use of Ayahuasca. The largest risks of the product are during a bad trip. In a bad trip you will suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea. When taking the recommended amount of Ayahuasca, these bad trips are very rare.  On top of that it is very important that the product is prepared in the proper way and that is does not contain plant extracts such as cannabis or tobacco.


Are you paying attention to all of this? Then your Ayahuasca trip will be a trip which you will never forget!

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