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Ordering smoking accessories

There are specific accessories that are meant to be used for smoking cigarettes or joints. For instance, smoking without a lighter would be a bit tricky, wouldn’t it? The Avalon Magic Plants head shop has more to offer than just lighters. We also have a selection of all different types of smoking accessories that can be ordered online, such as rolling papers and joint rollers. Review our entire range of products below.

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Buying lighters online

Our web shop features all sorts of exceptional-quality lighters. Our range of products contains a wide variety of shapes and brands. For instance, are you familiar with torch lighters? These lighters are perfect for autumn and winter, when it gets very windy. We know how annoying it can be when you try to light a cigarette, but just can’t keep the flame going for long enough. Torch lighters are great for when the wind is blowing hard!

Joint rollers

Joint rollers are the perfect choice if you are inexperienced when it comes to rolling joints and cigarettes. They are also the perfect solution when you don’t have enough time or interest to roll a good joint. You’ll roll a great one quickly with little effort. The only thing that you need to do is load the paper and then add the tobacco or weed to the roller. The roller takes care of the rest for you!

Ordering smoking accessories online at Avalon Magic Plants

You can easily order a wide variety of smoking accessories online from our web shop. Are you placing an order of more than 50 euros? If so, then your shipping is free. Review our complete selection, because it pays to order multiple products at the same time. We also recommend taking advantage of our savings points. You’ll earn points with every order and save up for worthwhile discounts and free products. Do you have more questions about our products? Please contact us!