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Growing accessories

Are you going to grow shrooms or truffles on your own? If so, then Avalon Magic Plants is the right place for you to order all the different types of growing accessories you need to do it. We have everything from towels and face masks to rice flour and heating mats. In addition to these separate components, we offer shroom grow kits, which contain everything you need to start growing magic mushrooms. You get the seeds, the growing tray, the grow bag with air filter and an alcohol-soaked towel and you are on your way. Of course, we also provide instructions, so that you can thoroughly read them beforehand. Don’t have a lot of experience growing shrooms? These grow kits are perfect for you!

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Are you curious about what types of growing accessories you can order in our web shop? You need several things to grow magic mushrooms, all of which you can order from Avalon Magic Plants. What do you think about a heating mat? This is useful for growing and sprouting cannabis seeds as well as growing shrooms. It ensures that the substrate containing the mushrooms remains heated. It’s perfect for the winter, so that you can keep things active in the soil. The heat is also distributed evenly across the entire surface. You can choose from a small, 5-watt mat or a large, 7-watt mat. Are you looking for a new product to get your spores sprouting faster? A bottle of Mycomate Liquid Culture may be the right choice for you. The advantage of this is that mycelium will colonise the substrate faster. If you order these bottles, you will receive alcohol-soaked towels, a syringe, and instructions. These bottles are available in two sizes: 5 and 10 millilitres

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All types of growing accessories await you in our webs shop. Place your order quickly and easily online at Avalon Magic Plants and it will be delivered to your home within 1-3 business days. Do you want to know more about the ordering